Angie the Rose
I'm an abstract painter who also dabbles in ink illustration and contemplating the smallness of our world and reality through my personal molecular biology series.
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The Only Part You Know
Inspired by Correy Abbotts "Marriage", I created a raw, intuitive work using materials from my past and my new talents of the present to create a representation of my personal union to my partner. The duality of who we are and the parts that are secret and only known to us are the...
Inspired by Marriage
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The inspiration for this work was inspired by looking for new life new pathways in my personal journey. Seeking is a work that personifies my idea of how there's a whirlwind of emotion and thought when it comes to seeking a change. The possibilities for good and bad are balanced on the scales of...
Inspired by Human
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Time & again
A painting inspired by the frustrations I've experienced in my personal life and how I manage to rise above it all. A mixture of dark and bright, this painting explores the duality of my daily motions. This work is part of The Molecular Series.
Inspired by Self
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