Jennifer Sendall
I’m a magician-illusionist type of painter. From the field comes the flax, woven into linen, and the seed pressed into oil; from the land the coloured rock and earth, ground to dust, from the labs and furnaces of the alchemist and the chemist gold and flashing colour. That is the magic.

Over the years, I conjure the magic ingredients upon the flat plane. Here are forms stolen from the world of light, from the past, present and future, dreams, joy and pain, and with that truthful illusion our minds meet, beloved fellow human being, if you care to join me.
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Early Morning, Holland
Inspired by my visit to the Netherlands, and the cool Northern light over flat and watery fields.
Inspired by Green
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Rose Sky, Hoek Van...
Inspired by the beauty of heavy industry against the backdrop of an evening sky. Worked from the experience of sailing along the Dutch coast.
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