Laurel Berry
Laurel is a painter who is concerned predominantly with the materiality of her medium and its evocative, tactile nature - this acts as the driving force behind her practice.

The most recent of Laurel's works scrutinise how paint can be rendered through the conscious and unconscious infliction of marks and gestures to form a visual language which reaches beyond pure representation.
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Just Save the Bees
Created in response to Rebecca's painting. I have manipulated it in photoshop and incorporated Just Bees logo and the 'save the bee' text. I've also taken influence from Sander Steins and his incredible style!
Inspired by Bumble Bee
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3 Minutes Until Bed Time
I thought I would try and construct a bed and the bed frame in 3 minutes but using paint. My first time attempting stop motion, as you can probably tell! If anyone else wants to run with this idea/recreate it or add music go for it :)
Inspired by What Can You...
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Light & Sound
I was inspired by the energy which was given out by Kate Jackson's performance at PMM's First Birthday Exhibition and the vibrant visuals which accompanied them. I was sitting at the venue when I created this and also wanted to capture a sense of how vast the light is when it pours through the...
Inspired by Pop My Mind's...
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In response to Mark Aaron's, 'A portrait of modern loneliness'. I wanted to use the gestures in Mark's work as a starting point for this painting.
Inspired by A portrait of...
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Manipulated and edited version of Rick Fawcett's Leaves. I wanted to frame this area of the photograph, where the leaves cross over and form these bold negative shapes. I take a reading of anticipation in this image, maybe imminence? I think it is in the way the droplets become so concentrated,...
Inspired by leaves
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'Marker' started off as an experimental drawing -an idea for a bigger work - but quickly became a painting in its own right. Using oil paint on unprimed paper changed the consistency and fluidity of the paint. It become more waxy and visceral. In 'Trophies' Adam Riches' blurs the figures faces,...
Inspired by Trophies.
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Energy is an important element in my painting - my energy and the energy of the paint. I utilise the physicality of my material and try to extend this as much as possible to capture my gesture (extra linseed oil and high pigmented oil paint). I was inspired by Joanne Chan's, 'Stage Three' because...
Inspired by Stage Three
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Third Person
Capturing the unexpected image. Where would we be without mobile phones?
Inspired by People...
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