I have had a lifelong interest in drawing, and have primarily been concerned with illustrating books and musically inspired imagery. My love of dance has produced figurative works linking these with responses to music. Having recently attained an M.A. in Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art, I seek to specialize in drawing which links traditional practice with contemporary socio political issues. I hope to emphasize the importance of drawing practice as a very relevant and up -to-date creativity.

I am interested in showing work in combination with sound, music or other effects, to engage with the atmosphere of my visual image. I think it potentially very exciting to link together these two areas, and also potentially to link with dance performance.
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The work attempts to encapsulate the movement from one sense of being to another. The dynamic flow from one element into its change is presented through the relationship of the contrast of the line and form. The movement is read from left to right within western text reading culture. The piece...
Inspired by Transition
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The Overcome
This piece hopes to communicate that sense of being overwhelmed by a force beyond our control.
Inspired by Leviathan
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Into the Vortex
I wanted to create an intense feeling through the images that respond to the movements of the dancers interacting with the water. The soft suffusions of the charcoal on coarse printer paper flow onto its ground, attempting to mimic the water flow which is integral to the original work. The...
Inspired by Leviathan
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The drawing, entitled Anti-structure, is a response to Frederic Belaubre’s Revolution 1. My piece relates to the idea that revolution relates to the breaking down of existing structures. The linear dynamic of the central device presents a contrast which challenges the visually static bulky...
Inspired by Revolution 1
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The Minotaur Fracture
This work developed from my first pop of Oliver’s "Death From Above" image. The head image engages with that moment when a decision is made to undertake an action which results in being violent to others. The dual head motif of half human, half bull, underpins the idea that good...
Inspired by Kismet Unbound
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Kismet Unbound
The work attempts to capture the dynamic and condensed energy force that is suspended momentarily before its consequences are felt. The black and white forms a contrasting relationship with the reds that reference the Death From Above image and link to the impending human bloodshed.
Inspired by Death From...
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