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I'm an illustrator and a musician
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Reflection and identity
Inspired by Self
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Bumping into things
Wandering around
Inspired by The derive...
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Tuesday morning
Change is coming again and again
Inspired by Fear of Change
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Saturday Again
Again and again
Inspired by Time & again
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I See
I see many things
Inspired by The All seeing eye...
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Slowing down for autumn
Inspired by Enjoying Autumn
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Living with and through the moment
Inspired by Itwillallbefine...
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Repetition of familiar...
The repetition of familiar motifs and shapes
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Passive breath
Inspired by Exploration and...
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Waking Dream
Stream of consciousness composing
Inspired by Dare to Dream
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Soon comes morning
Longing for the light
Inspired by Daylight
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My MInd
Wandering within
Inspired by Journey Into Mind
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Passive observation
Inspired by Passersby
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Gentle singing and strolling
Inspired by Strollers movement
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This Way
Walking and running away...
Inspired by Panic
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The Bees
60's Horror-film track
Inspired by Just Save the Bees
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Shadow Man
Tension and TV detectives
Inspired by The shadow man
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That and that
Inspired by Beyond
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Electricity and circuitry
Inspired by Doppler dabblings
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On the train
I love travelling on trains...
Inspired by The Glimpse
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Yes and No
One or the other
Inspired by Binary Dawn
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Inspired by Flight of the...
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Talking to myself
Talking to myself is the good
Inspired by Begin
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Listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness...
Inspired by Shattered Dreams
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Transmitting the information through the hole in the wall.
Inspired by Dystopia
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A gitch
On and off
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Ian's World
The muttering is heard only by myself
Inspired by Cruel World
0 2
Hearing the whispers
Inspired by Songs of a...
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Holding back, dragging
Inspired by Weary Traveller
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Inspired by Tiptoe
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Darkness is lack of light
Inspired by Achluophobia–...
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The Tourists
Two elements in motion
Inspired by Tourists
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Waking Steve
A collaboration between musician Steve Appleton and filmmaker Paul Thompson.
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"The day enters our...
Response to the collaboration by Julie O’yang and Sebastian Buttrich
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Sleepy Steve
Listen, respond
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All things pass, even the storm.
Inspired by Storm Passing
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Tea is a drink
Inspired by Tea Party
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Harsh justice I am...
Inspired by Revolutionary...
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Sea Spray
Movement of the storm
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New Colour
Back to basics... the sound of the guitar
Inspired by The Formation of a...
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Whisper it
Found sound
Inspired by Whisperers
0 1
Life builds, experience accrues
Inspired by Life's Work
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Home made guitar and electronic drum loops
Inspired by Inflation
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Short, flitting, flying
Inspired by Metamorphosis
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Phases of the Moon
The moon turns, the tide flows
Inspired by Waning
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Floating on water and Waterhouse's version of 'The Lady of Shalott' and American TV of the 90's
Inspired by Daydreamer
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Cutup and collaged sounds and riffs
Inspired by Flopsy
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Broken lines of complexity
Inspired by Formal World
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Moving along a spectrum towards abstraction
Inspired by Transition 2
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Ballroom Part 3
No-one likes feeling manipulated...
Inspired by ©)Riedstra ...
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Rolling motion, blue...
Inspired by Another New Wave
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Dinosaurs and acquisition
Inspired by Obsolescence
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two chords over and over
Inspired by Repeat, Repeat
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Complexity and simplicity
Complex or simple depending on your distance
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Memories of learning
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The Wakening
Small deaths
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Freely Run
Running here, running there...
Inspired by run freely
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Movement, backwards and forwards...
Inspired by Trajectory
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Open Song
Looking at the image, responding to the noise
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Sunday Afternoon
The developing awareness of an idea
Inspired by Igniting The Mind
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