Sander Steins
artist - アーティスト, photographer - フォトグラファー, illustrator - イラストレーター based in the Netherlands -
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Body MOD
The body makes the human, the human makes the body. This is a new media collage print on 64x84cm fine art paper. I also want to wish the whole Pop My Mind team and community happy holidays! Have a creative one!
Inspired by Human
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A colorful illustration I made for the ONE drinks challenge, presenting 3 main subjects: fruits, water and Africa. This illustration is made as a 300DPI high-res file.
Inspired by One Drinks...
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Pimp Yourself (Kate M.)
Pimp Yourself (Kate M.) is a work inspired by an original painting by Stephanie Nückel and an iconic fashion photo. The fashion industry creates a base to become self centered and it feeds narcissism in a solitary society were beauty is the holy grail.
Inspired by Pimp yourself
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Body Double
A photo manipulation based on an original photo of Aimee Hollands. In the mirror we are able to see our own body...
Inspired by Body
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Save The Bees
A new media file I created for the 'Save The Bees campaign'. Main subject is the logo that blend with the abstract background. The text on this A 3, 300DPI file can be customized.
Inspired by Save the Bees...
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Storm Crow
The world made me do this... Mixed media on 32x41cm paper.
Inspired by Anger
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Coconut Meltdown
Coconut Meltdown is created using the beautiful work Cocohut from artist Katie Borkin. She created a holiday resort and my work actually is kind of the apocalyptic other side of a nice tropical place. The letters CM can be read as Coconut Meltdown, or Capitalistic Meltdown. This new media work is...
Inspired by Cocohut
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Empty Lake
This work is inspired by my fascination of nature, organic line and water. I created this 52x72cm new media print within one hour.
Inspired by 1 Hour...
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Oslo On The Rocks
A city to love... surrounded by nature, there is so much to find that inspires me to come back often. This is the Oslo opera, which is lately surrounded by cranes.
Inspired by Think Travel
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Cruel World
This cover is totally inspired by the amazing song 'Cruel World' by Calva Louise. I used found material, as well my own photography and everything is custom designed using layers to change logo, coloring, text, fonts etc. if needed. Full 300DPI print ready. The design can even be used as record...
Inspired by Cruel World
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Fragmented Shore
Fragmented Shore is a work inspired by nature and a painting of Margaret Lipsey. It shows the clash between organic lines and glitch art... a distorted view on reality...
Inspired by Rocky Shores
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New media collage made between 16:45-16:48 13th March, 2017
Inspired by What Can You...
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New media collage made between 11:15-11:18 13th March, 2017
Inspired by What Can You...
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Made between 11:05-11:08 13th March, 2017
Inspired by What Can You...
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Digging Remedy
Digging 10 minutes for found creativity.
Inspired by 10 Minute...
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T42 (tea for two)
A rainy day... what else is better than drinking tea and creating art on such days. Inspired by a work of Bethan Kerridge, served on PMM!
Inspired by Expanded
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Enter The New Storm...
Enter The New Storm Movement is my re interpretation of a beautiful abstract painting by Carolynne Moonie. Using new techniques I transformed this painting into a printmaking work inspired by the wild side of nature.
Inspired by Storm Movement
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Global Melting
A blend between traditional and future techniques... water, global warming, pollution, a clash of cultures... frustration about the current state of our planet. All melting into each other in this 20x17cm art print.
Inspired by Melting
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So Much Light To Give
So Much Light To Give is a new media collage print, based on found object. It handles about fear, anxiety and the darker sides of interacting with our planet. It shows the destructive side of human mankind.
Inspired by Found Objects
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Made on my early morning winter walk. The forest always set up for the right mood and brings fresh ideas. This color photos is 54x74cm on 300 grams fine art paper.
Inspired by Into the...
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Opulent 1 & 2
Opulent translated by using minimalism and balanced shapes. Less is more... Two 21x29,7 works in 30x40cm frame.
Inspired by Opulent
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Transition V2.0
A new media collage based on a work by artist Steve Joyce. I used digital files that are printed on a A4 size German Etching fine art paper.
Inspired by Transition
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Another New Wave
Water is the essence of life... the fact of constant change in shapes I used to create this abstract interpretation of waves.
Inspired by Water
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Found 1938
This 60x60cm new media piece is created by 5 random found objects on the internet. I blend them all together and add glitch art on the final work. This work is strictly limited to only 1 piece.
Inspired by Found Objects
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The line is blurred. A portrait session as response to the work Shakers by Stephen Neale Johnson.
Inspired by Shakers
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Another Kraftwerk
Inspired by my interest in industrial revolution and the effect it has on our society that is mainly dominated by technology these days.
Inspired by Revolution
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Twisted Composition 30M
Some 42x32cm random creating fun with scanned and photographic material.
Inspired by 1 Hour...
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C Out of Control
The work 'Stage Three' by Joanne Chan is a beautiful work. Her sentence "I just feel capitalism is a big trap for human beings; banking, government." was the spark for me to create this work. More of my work as artist is influenced by this kind of subjects. My work is a combination of...
Inspired by Stage Three
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