Sarah Tappenden
Her painting style is mainly expressionist and abstract; she enjoys using colour and bold shapes. She works with emotion in relation to music and mental health. Her work has deep roots with mental health issues copping with them and recovery.
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in reaction to, what do you do now?
Inspired by What do you do...
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Save the bees
This is inspired by the save the bees challenge.
Inspired by Save the Bees...
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Tropical lake
Reaction to the theme tropical. Tropical Lake is an abstract painting of a lake in the sun.
Inspired by Tropical
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Creative Thoughts - part...
I will be curating an exhibition in collaboration with Pop My Mind and Roseanne Ganley and would love to include your work in it! It will be small, professional exhibition which will also help me towards my MA practise, so not only is this great exposure for you but you will be benefiting a fellow...
Inspired by Creative...
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Inspired by calm and tranquil, the night sky is always a massive inspiration for me. Night time is my peaceful time.
Inspired by Tranquil
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Black Hole Part 2
This painting is inspired by opulent, by the use of metallic paints of sliver and gold, and the use of holographic glitter this painting adds a little luxury to art.
Inspired by Opulent
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Inspired my Data. I see data as code in a computer with infinite programming potential. the lines of code create amazing programs out of what looks like a random mess. Much like a galaxy it has a infinite void of stars and nebulas from far away its just a random sparkle of lights and dots but it...
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Stary Night
Inspired by the night sky on new years.
Inspired by IN DEPTH
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I see a mountain at my...
Made in response to the Poem Two Planets and the song I See A Mountain At My Gates by Foals.
Inspired by Two Planets
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Painted in response to the colours and emotion (joy) behind the picture I popped and the song Overdone by Bombay Bicycle Club.
Inspired by Sunday Rain
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Moonage Daydream
A painting inspired my Music.
Inspired by amour / macabre
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A painting in response to the emotion joy.
Inspired by Joy
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