Lucy Goulding
Abstract artist, influenced by nature and creative impulses
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Mother Earth
This piece is an abstract depiction of Mother Earth as I see her. I wanted to explore themes of water, life and beauty through paint. Here, I used vivid, luscious colours to mimic fertility and the early stages of life. Through the expressive brushstrokes a child can be depicted seeking comfort...
Inspired by Human
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Cosmic blue
This piece explores cosmic themes through fluid shapes and luminous colours contrasted with illusive darkness. The vivid flash of colour celebrates cosmic explosions and glimpses of life that form within our galaxies. Perhaps one sees an abstracted landscape of a faraway planet. I hope this...
Inspired by Cosmic
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This piece was inspired by the view from a plane on a recent trip abroad. I was mesmerised by how beautiful our natural world looks from so high up. Aerial views allow us to see natural landscapes from a different angle. I found my flight a reminder at just how insignificant those small...
Inspired by Think Travel
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