Mark Aaron
Mark has over 30 years experience as a commercial designer working primarily in television, games and music. Aside from his commercial work, Mark has recently graduated with an MA in Art from UCS/University of Suffolk.
As well as extending his art through generative processes via computer driven modelling, code and sound, Mark’s current work gravitates towards exploring the impact of the digital both culturally and individually and seeks to direct us towards a narrative that blurs the boundaries between the virtual and the real.
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60 second compression 1
taking 1 photo every second for 1 minute while driving through the Alps on the Ardeche/Provence border. I then overlaid each photograph in photoshop with transparency set to 5% for each image. There is no use of filters or other manipulation. Just compressed time. The red at the bottom is the...
Inspired by Creativegrad
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In the sky and on the...
Just one of 100's of low res shots taken on my iPhone while travelling through southern Ireland. All the time I was there I had the Think Travel challenge at the back of my mind. Despite all the images of wild landscapes, this one, with the characters, in bright warm sunshine, but struggling...
Inspired by Think Travel
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Photograph of a carpet of stubbed cigarette ends discovered on a building site.
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The Ghost in Daylight
A composite of 3 digital photographs, taken in Berlin Hauptbarnhof in September 2016. Hauptbarnhof was built on the site of Lerhter Barnhof, the last station in West Berlin before reunification. For me, the grand displays of public investment in infrastructure and transport defines the open,...
Inspired by #EuropeEdition
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This is how I felt today...
I asked myself the question, 'beyond sculpture, and using technology, can I represent my unconscious thoughts as a physical form?' This led me to make some marks on different surfaces with acrylic paint while I closed my eyes - I just used the tension and the feedback from a brush to determine the...
Inspired by Formation
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A test response that refines the technique of converting sound into virtual objects. The original 'Music Scape Test A' was too static for my liking as there were subtleties within the music that the forms couldn't interpret. This BlueWaveSoundForm version uses fluids rather than a grid in order to...
Inspired by music-scape...
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Left-Right Parallax...
A website with left right parallax scrolling content between pages. Navigation is represented as a series of geometric 'mountains/waves' that respond to left right scrolling but lock on different content areas. The idea is to create a sense of place combined with a fun and logical navigation that...
Inspired by New Wave
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Beneath the Pavement,...
'Sous Les Paves, La Plage', was a slogan posted on walls in Paris during the Student riots of May 1968. It is a metaphor for cutting through the veneer of the establishment, to freedom.
Inspired by Revolution
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Sun Harmonics
Data from Nasa's Solar & Heliospheric Observatory is fed through software that utilises algorithms based on computational biology to produce a 3D 'machine drawing'. The forms are a direct interpretation of the data, the colours are false and have been added in post production.
Inspired by Ignite
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Transcoded Map of a...
An image of an atom of silicon taken from the educational pages of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the image is then passed through an L-Systems interface using 3D software to create a re-imaging of the Silicon Atom's electron cloud. Textures and lighting are added to accentuate...
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Conversation between two...
two, intersected 3D data visualisations, the first taken from the 3 month scan of my daughter and the second from google map's image of our house - taken approximately 25 years apart.
Inspired by significance...
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text overlaid on a blurred photograph of a patch of empty sky
Inspired by Signs
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Fragment on Machines
48 hours of my location data, optimised into packets of minutes, interrupted vertically by bars of signal strength and time spent using facebook, twitter, ello and diaspora.
Inspired by L36.9.16
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music-scape test a
Response to Gregor Anderson's piano piece, 'Comfort'. A work-in-progress video of 3D virtual shapes responding to peaks in sound, part coded, part drawn, part generative art.
Inspired by Comfort
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Abandoned window
A snapshot of the code generated by my Facebook profile page at 23hrs 15minutes 54seconds on 25th February 2016.
Inspired by Field of Sound
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Sea Scratched
mathematics attempting to adopt natural forms
Inspired by Comet 67P...
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Wind through Reeds....
Computer generated imagery drawn from a memory.
Inspired by Sonification...
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A portrait of modern...
5 second exposure. taped up LED finger glove. iPhone 6. swipe left. open Facebook. scroll down.
Inspired by Thirteen
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Paper jam
data from a tree... bibliography of an essay on capitalism, psychology and consumerism jammed in an inkjet (carbon) printer.
Inspired by Medis...
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slow burn
extruded topographic data taken from a photograph of a punch into plaster.
Inspired by Anger
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