Keron Beattie
I am a contemporary artist living and working in North Norfolk, UK.
I have a 1st Class BA (Hons) in Contemporary Art and Design and am currently studying for an MA in Fine Art. My current work investigates ideas of wholeness and its opposite brokenness. It tends to be sculptural in approach and execution, but not exclusively so and I enjoy the challenge of producing this effect on paper or on the screen..
The interaction between the found and the new, and between different materials, forms an important part of my practice and the changing coastline near my studio in North Norfolk provides inspiration and some of my materials.
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Walking in the rain
Capturing the light and reflections caused by the rain at night
Inspired by Strolling...
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Mindful of Time
Before digital came along 1 second on the screen was around 16 frames of 35mm movie film.
Inspired by Mindful in the...
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Weaving light
Glass scanned on a flat-bed scanner, rotated and scanned again for final image.
Inspired by Silk Road
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Lily flowers photographed with coloured net material then cut and pasted to make the kaleidoscope effect. I wanted to contrast the strong reds and pinks with the white of some of the lilies and evoke not just the intense colours one senses when in a new and strange place but also the smells.
Inspired by Culture and...
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