Oliver Squirrell
I like finding unexpected shots and view points and am now discovering the technical complexities of lens-based art. I also like to express myself creatively through poetry and music.
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Skying I
Lindsay's image prompted me to point the phone out of the aeroplane window, where I became entranced by the dynamic between sky and sea.
Inspired by Opposition...
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Skying II
Lindsay's image prompted me to point the phone out of the aeroplane window, where I became entranced by the dynamic between sky and sea.
Inspired by Opposition...
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Where I End And You...
Julika's beautiful "(Dis)Embarking" and Sander's "Oslo On The Rocks" inspired focus on the water whilst waiting in the harbour. Reviewing the image afterwards brought to mind the lateral lyrics of Radiohead, "There's a gap in between There's a gap where we meet Where I...
Inspired by (Dis)Embarking
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Alone, at last
Often there is nothing more satisfying than closing the door to the outside world. Created using a glass reflection of Michelle Bowden's vibrant piece "Recaptured Moments".
Inspired by Recaptured...
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Daydream Nation
Photograph of the reflections in Michelle Bowden's stunning piece "Alone" as seen at Pop My Mind's Creative Thoughts exhibition. Named after one of my favourite albums from the 1980's "Daydream Nation" by Sonic Youth.
Inspired by Alone
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Luke and Adam
Photograph of Adam Riches' painting reflecting in the glass of Luke Mayo's poetry at PMM's Creative Thoughts exhibition.
Inspired by Shadow Self
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My Shadow Brings Death...
Being a tad colourblind naturally means that one of my biggest ongoing curiosities is around colour; what's what, how they compliment and contrast one another and just how to utilise colour effectively! Having previously experimented with glass coloured filters, the awareness of my curiosity made...
Inspired by Curiosity
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Finding myself with some time to kill at Liverpool Street station, I decided to use the opportunity to point my camera at the hustling crowds below... only to be shouted at by a security guard! Still, the aggro was well worth it as the experience enabled me to discover the haunting effect of...
Inspired by People...
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Watching the rain stream over the windscreen whilst the car was parked up outside the woods brought to mind Jason's wonderful painting "Self Portrait". The rainy scene together with memories of Jason's painting inspired me to attempt to capture water in a soft, painterly, manor.
Inspired by Self Portrait
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Innermost Ecstasy
Short poem inspired by Sarah's wondrous painting.
Inspired by Creative...
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Short poem inspired by my experience of the ups and downs of depression. Writing this helped me figure out that shared experience mixed in with periods of rest and contemplation is a good balance for me.
Inspired by Let's Talk
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Head /// Space
The fields around my house are glorious in the spring. I love taking this one mile walk to clear my head and get back to reality.
Inspired by Think Travel
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Me '17
Adam's striking charcoal portrait inspired me to experiment with photographic black and white self portraits. After a lot of experimentation (and some blind luck!) I stumbled upon a setup with my film camera and an LED light that produced an effect that struck a chord with me. What does your...
Inspired by Self Portrait.
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Lloyd's stunning image inspired me to spend an afternoon photographing tree branches with my film camera. Upon studying the images from different angles it struck me that the network of branches have a similar arrangement to blood vessels, particularly those of the lungs. I admire how nature...
Inspired by Untitled 1
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Waking Dream
What can I do in three minutes? Have a surreal snooze!!
Inspired by What Can You...
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Heart of the Home
I loved the Kaleidoscopic form of Zoe's image and have attempted to create a similar effect using the hob rings of our oven and the double exposure setting on my film camera. The use of the blue and red LED lights were inspired by the notion that a kitchen is thought of by many as the heart of the...
Inspired by Aspect:Ratio
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Warm foothills
An alluring arrangement of pine trees caught my attention whilst biking in the woods. Looking through the viewfinder I could feel my eyes hopping from pine to pine, piecing the objects together in the delicate morning light to create a unified scene of tranquillity. I named the photograph after a...
Inspired by Formation
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Jacob's Ladder
Kristine's image inspired me to capture an architectural structure in extreme contrast. A trip to the Shard provided the perfect opportunity! Looking up at the structure from the top of the viewing gallery was an uplifting experience. The building seemed never-ending, a vertical staircase to the...
Inspired by What's at the...
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Inside Out
The 'What are you about?' theme got me thinking about what drives me as a photographer. More than anything I love how practising photography provokes a deeply engaging back-and-forth dialogue between your inner imagination and the outer physical world. I have attempted to visualise this...
Inspired by What Are You...
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We built this city
Double exposure photograph taken on the train from Colchester to London. I love how the scenery from a train window flows between rural and urban landscapes, often in the blink of an eye. Exposing both on the same image shows how much of a physical impact human beings have made on the land.
Inspired by Railhaze
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New Beginnings
This photograph was taken at Pop My Mind's 'Revolution' pop-up exhibition in Ipswich October 2016. Amongst the works on display was Frederic Belaubre's vibrant oil painting entitled "Revolution 2", which beautifully reflected the courtyard outside the exhibition space. The building...
Inspired by Revolution 2
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Natural Light
Lindsay's image stuck in my mind during my last trip through the woods. Specifically, I loved the interplay between light and dark in her image and the fact that the image appeared truly authentic in that it didn't look tampered with at all. To continue these themes I found a composition that had...
Inspired by Castanea
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Neon Forest
Pine cone bathed in LED light.
Inspired by Found Objects
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Weary Traveller
Abstract Photograph depicting the exhaustion of a desolate nomad.
Inspired by The wanderer
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Last of the Dreamers
Photograph of Kate Jackson's stirring performance at PMM's first birthday exhibition.
Inspired by Pop My Mind's...
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Abstract photograph showing Mark Aaron's "Music Scape" animation reflecting in Marcus Young's "Holding the Light" image at Pop My Mind's first Birthday exhibition.
Inspired by Pop My Mind's...
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The 'Into the Forest' theme prompted me to spend a relaxing afternoon in the woods with my camera (where I got bitten to hell by all sorts of bugs!) Whilst my original plan was to film the swaying treetops from the forest floor, it was the wondrous shadow-play on tree trunks that really caught my...
Inspired by Into the...
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Michelle's stunning digital print inspired me to experiment with different techniques from which to depict the trees outside my house in a more abstract and ethereal manor. I have since formed my own interpretation of the resulting image. What is yours?
Inspired by Corrupted...
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Portrait of Eternal...
Using the moon as a light source, this pieces attempts to re-imagine the gestures of Mark Aaron's "A portrait of modern loneliness" and Laurel Berry's "Thirteen" and "Fifteen".
Inspired by A portrait of...
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White Light
The state between life and death.
Inspired by Signs
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Stave in the Sky
Whilst out walking one day I was stunned to see a large array of nests perched up high in a long line of trees. To my eyes, the arrangement of nests resemble notes on a musical stave, a visual sign of the springtime melodies that fill the sky at this time of year. I would love to hear the melody...
Inspired by Signs
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Mirroring the technique of "Shinrin-Yoku", I feel this piece evokes a sense of delirium, those moments where time stands still and an unadulterated swell of euphoria surges through the body.
Inspired by Shinrin-Yoku
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All the world's a stage
... and all the men and women merely players.
Inspired by People...
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Still Moving
Zoe's image inspired me to try and convey a sense of motion within a still image, which is something I hadn't previously explored. After weeks of trying various techniques in a number of different locations, nothing was really standing out. That was until I started playing around with the camera...
Inspired by A Moment in...
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Death From Above
Roseanne's written response to the Paris Attacks immediately triggered some very vivid imagery in my mind's eye. I was particularly interested to captivate the moment in which the perpetrator strikes down on the map. After a little experimenting with props, lighting and shutter speed I found a...
Inspired by Atlas Mapping
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Winter Sun
This photograph shows the distant winter sun gently thawing-out water droplets on a window pane. In many ways the image portrays how I feel about winter, that I'm in awe of its beauty yet longing for the warmth of summer.
Inspired by Fire
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My second response to the Sonification challenge looks up at the structure that overhangs the library entrance to UCS. Turned on its side (as presented), the array of lines give the impression of an alien craft, in my mind at least! Will the sound reflect the perception?
Inspired by Sonification...
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Always New Depths
My response to the Sonification challenge, a close-up photograph of droplets on a window pain. How will they sound?
Inspired by Sonification...
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Rescaling the original 'Purple Perception' image has revealed a pixelated texture akin to a woven or hand-printed aesthetic. Step into the fantastical forest.
Inspired by Purple...
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Skin Deep
Exposing the wonder of wild sculpture. Close-up photograph of tree bark taken in Thetford forest.
Inspired by Wood
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Purple Perception
Western Sub's "Perception" piece got me thinking about how very differently we all perceive the world and how this unique array of perspective extends to technology too. In this unedited photograph, my phone has captured an alluring ray of light invisible to the human eye; a one-of-a-kind...
Inspired by Perception
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Lately, I've been reading various texts written by Buddhist monks, discovering how they use water as a metaphor for the properties of time and life. The 1 hour challenge provided me with an opportunity to put my raw interpretations down on paper...
Inspired by 1 Hour...
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Inspired by the paintings of Sarah Tappenden depicting mood-enhancing chemicals that are released into the body whilst listening to music.
Inspired by Wave
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Who Knows
Ever since I was young, I have wondered, what happens in those moments between consciousness and sleep?
Inspired by Surprise
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Two Planets
We all live in two worlds; the realm of imagination and the realm of reality. Find a little joy in both these worlds...
Inspired by Joy
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