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Chinese Whispers
Piece of music inspired by the original Chinese Whispers seen on the platform. My intention was to keep it as straightforward as possible by using a pentatonic scale with repeated sections. Instrumentation enhances the Oriental sound keeping it relaxing hopefully.
Inspired by Chinese...
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A minimalist piece of music based on a specific internal of a western scale. Though this interval can be quite angular, sections of this piece of music can sound quite melodic and calming. The piece lacks any sort of harmonic direction but seems to reach its natural conclusion at the end.
Inspired by music-scape...
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Inspired by overlapping geometries by infradead and Hovering by Mystline I wanted to create a repetitive sound that becomes calming. There is some sinister overtones linked to the use of glockenspiels but should not detract from the continuous notes you hear.
Inspired by Exot
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