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Animation student at Norwich University of the Arts. Instagram: @ofoord
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This is my idea of Human life,, Human life was not created to sit in an office for 40 years. Life is about LIVING, joy, fulfilment, air, nature, exploring, learning, loving, running, laughing. What is your idea of 'living'? That picture in your mind of that awesome person who does all the cool...
Inspired by Human
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Funny birds
See if toucan guess what bird it is..... Inspired by Rosie Conheady's beautiful animals for the Tropical theme; the colours in her painting were unique and perfect. My birds are wearable, Fimo clay miniatures.
Inspired by Pastel Tropics
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Iridescent Pineapple
What is more tropical than a pineapple? Made with iridescent film for a shine like the ocean.
Inspired by Pineapple
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Let's make positivity...
How many can you tick? Perfect for 10 minute challenge
Inspired by 10 Minute...
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The Circle of Life
"You see, when we die, our bodies become the grass. And the antelope eats the grass. So, we are all connected" - The Lion King I was inspired by the words in the poem about the soul and nature. My drawing is a deer who has died and become part of the earth again, as it once was before it...
Inspired by Re-united | A...
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Christmas opulence
Christmas jewels! 'Flatlays' are the easiest way to display many many lovely things in one photo.
Inspired by Opulent
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Is it real?
Yesterday was foolishly spent watching 'creepiest ghost sighting videos in the world'. I really wanted to creep people out as much as I was
Inspired by Nightmare
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Data itself is an invaluable tool, when used to its full potential. Equally, with the right tool an unmanageable goldmine of data can be 'mined' into something profitable.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Spiritual Healing
I was experiencing some healing myself with some Zen music and candles and I was imagining how to translate the atmosphere into a drawing. A Native American figure watching fire smoke rise into a still night came to mind, and it did heal my day.
Inspired by Healing
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