Tim Gardiner
I'm a writer of poetry and prose who specialises in Japanese short forms such as haiku and tanka and frequently combines the two with prose to create haibun and tanka prose. Haiku can also be combined with photographs to create haiga. I'm a scientist by training (ecology, entomology) and profession who likes to dabble creatively. I have had two books of poetry (Wilderness, On the Edge) and a children's story (The Voyage of the Queen Bee) published recently. More info on poetry and book publications at @timgardiner3
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Cats only live once
This piece of prose and haiku (known as a haibun) was inspired by a friend's comment on the summit of Pen-y-ghent in Yorkshire, that he expected the water of a shake hole below to peel back and reveal Blofeld's secret lair as in You Only Live Twice! I've chosen to interweave Blofeld's moggy for...
Inspired by Cats in...
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An idea which sprang from the Pop My Mind 2nd Anniversary Party when this quote from Oscar Wilde was mentioned! Love fells even the strongest warrior....
Inspired by and never let...
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The path less travelled
Walkers on a little used path in Waveney Forest, East Norfolk.
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Sunlight shining through the arches of the Ribblehead Viaduct in North Yorkshire, before the storm arrived on a walk to the summit of Whernside.
Inspired by In the right...
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Breydon Water mudflats at low tide. The lonely patch of green salt marsh vegetation contrasted with the grey mud and the big sky of Norfolk as winter approaches was an image of loneliness, both beautiful and melancholic at the same time.
Inspired by Loneliness
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Angel of the East
This is a haiga (haiku combined with artwork) inspired by the Angel of the East at Blythburgh in Suffolk. In fading light, it's such a sad image.
Inspired by Sadness: When...
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