Wonderfeel invites connection with the unfamiliar places that exist within. To inhabit these previously neglected places, is to revive the full flavour of being...!

Producing music, intentional collage & healing processes Wonderfeel digitally crafts organic content.

Wonderfeel is based in the forested mountains of Healesville, Australia. The surrounding ecosystem continually interacts with and inspires creations as they form.

Each work is a fresh and sincere experience of unguardedness. The overall intention is to enliven and nurture the primal soul...
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Thanks to Jacob M-T for 'Drone Improvisation', a guitar piece with inspiring atmospherics and a strong sense of holding. I photographed slices of fennel I was preparing for dinner, yum, and tree roots and leaves from the garden. Then carefully distributing and layering the imagery to create this...
Inspired by Drone...
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Nature Knows
Created from, and inspired by, Mr. Squirrell's orginal photograph. I love the forest setting and the rainbow violet shards of light. Here's a perspective of Nature as a place of wisdom. A physical world, imbued with some kind of magic.
Inspired by Purple...
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