Daisy Morgan
avid lover of creative writing, Art and Gaming.
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Fear Of No Lines
A simple design that coveys our fear of figures with little to no detail.
Inspired by Fear
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Based off the lyrics to this song, i imagined this women and wanted to represent her through the use of a simple emotive illustrative piece.
Inspired by Cruel World
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Natural Connection
At his lowest point in his life, he had undoubtedly made the most natural connection in his life. And he smiled... The idea is that sometimes when people are at their lowest they see the kindness in the world.
Inspired by Healing
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Transition Superstition
The transition from yourself to an unrecognisable person, or in this case beast. Through either personal neglect, or others, I wanted to express the word through a much more metaphorical meaning.
Inspired by Transition
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