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This painting is meant to convey the intricacies of the human mind, its complicated thought patterns and emotions, inspired by Roseanne Sarah Ganley's colourful piece 'Feeling'.
Inspired by Feeling
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Tapetum Lucidum
Inspired by the beauty of anatomy, I created this piece to show the rarely-seen view of the back of a dog's eye. Unlike humans, dogs (amongst other animals) have a beautiful blue/green reflective surface to their fundus which I get the pleasure to examine as a vet, that I wanted to share with...
Inspired by 'Owl'
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Deflated Inspiration
This is a collage made out of the popped balloons from VIP Balloon’s ‘Inflated Inspirations’ exhibition in collaboration with Pop My Mind. It includes balloons from the Pixelated Green Man piece as well as other pieces in the exhibition, which together made a spectacular sight!...
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This piece portrays how the delicate and beautiful anatomy of the ear allows sound to be carried to the brain and processed by nerves and neurones into a form we can detect. It is amazing how the specific way the auditory system is formed through small changes throughout the evolution allows for...
Inspired by Formation
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