Katie Borkin
Lives In Norfolk. Studied Animation At Norwich University of the Arts, Now Freelances on multiple projects in animation and hopes to become a concept designer in film and animation. A Big lover of fantasy, sci-fi and surrealism.
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Honey Pot II
Inspired from the original honey pot piece. I choose to work with a set of different colours and designs that would be a little more creative.
Inspired by Honey Pot
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Honey Pot
Using Imagery associated with bees, honey and science while also taking direction from the just bee logo I created this image in the hope it will help save the bees.
Inspired by Save the Bees...
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Inspired by Rebbeca's fruity creations, I wanted to create some sort of holiday resort with a twist and present it as a postcard with a rustic feel.
Inspired by Cocktail
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Ice drift
The Creation and formation of icebergs is a natural occurrence and as another chunk is carved from its glacier it, like many of their brothers and sisters, go on their own individual journey in the drink, till inevitably shrinking as they melt and wait to relive the same process over again in the...
Inspired by Beyond the...
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Get Inspired and Pop
I wanted to cover some of the different artists and mediums that here at pop my mind we can all be inspired by and the simple process how that happens.
Inspired by What is...
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Ignite The Mind: Sense...
The Idea behind how other creative inspirations can be a symbol for igniting the mind brought me to the creation of this Image. Sound and Music are tools I use in my process often and the level of their influence can sometimes be more direct than others. However, there is not a particular piece...
Inspired by Igniting The...
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Return of the woodland...
While on a trip in to my local wood I was encased in a wall of green and brown and could hear the close echo of the birds singing however there was no sight of any wildlife what so ever. So I captured the scene that was before me and decided to create the scene I was unable to witness as if the...
Inspired by Into the...
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A unfinnished study I started a few weeks ago that I intended to return to.
Inspired by Unfinished
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This is a digital painting I started and then was inspired by "Wave". The use of colour and texture inspired me to explore using a different method and process and interpret the image of "Wave" in my own way.
Inspired by Wave
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Wanted to experiment with colour texture and Light for Sonification and created an image that came to mind while listening to the sounds created in the video.
Inspired by Sonification...
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In Loveland
Created In response to Jordan Connors figure of "A Girl In Love" .I created a backdrop/ a physical environemnt where the girl could be. Made In a similiar style to "Love I", it continues to show the biological represetnation of the emotion but with added movement it gives...
Inspired by A Girl In Love
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Love I
A piece I created in response to the the theme of Love. I went with something that represented the emotion biologically and visually.
Inspired by Love
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