Mystline ミスト
I'm an amateur Music Producer and a Guitarist.
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Carbon Shadows
This dark style drum and bass gives off an eerie vibe. One you could relate to Dark Mood
Inspired by Dark Mood
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Made this during one of those nights where the anxiety and depression just decides to kick in and ruin your day... Dealing with this can be very hard for some people, I have seen my fair share of people end their lives because of their suffering... I made a promise once to somebody a long time ago...
Inspired by Sadness
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Can you keep a secret......
The shadow man had this dark and mysterious vibe to it same as this track i made that has a mysterious vibe to it
Inspired by The shadow man
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Goodbye Chester......
Linkin Park were my shit back when i was a kid and were a big part of my musical tastes in my childhood. Sad af to hear Chester took his own life today. Made this raw as fuck in his memory. Rest in Peace Chester March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017
Inspired by Sadness
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and never let go...
Just a song that makes you feel some kind of way...
Inspired by Love
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Skylines 天涯
A Nujabes type song I made real quick
Inspired by Tranquil
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Random dubstep made in 1...
Just a short dubstep track i made in 1 hour
Inspired by 1 Hour...
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Come Home 家に帰る
I got depressed af making this shit... Hits too close to home in the feels, since it describes something im currently going through.
Inspired by Sadness
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Fear 恐れ
Horror Ambient style song with a Resident Evil 4 vibe going on.
Inspired by Fear
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Memories 思い出
I suck at expressing my emotions so I let my music do it for me... So heres some sad stuff
Inspired by Sadness
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Nostalgia 懐旧
Some chill stuff made in FL Studio 12 Has a very chill vibe that can relax you and make you think about the good times in life
Inspired by Healing
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Dynamic Meditation 瞑想
Just something to open your mind to...
Inspired by Earth
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Dawn 夜明け
This piece was made with different loops from multiple artists around the world including myself. This would only be possible with the big data era we have today in which enabled them to be able to upload countless numbers of music loops onto the internet and therefor allowing me to create one big...
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Baptism by Fire
War is Hell
Inspired by Remembering
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Wandering Ronin 浪人
Short soundtrack style cinematic track... Ronin are Samurai who have lost their master by either death or that their masters have relinquished their priviledge. Normally a samurai would have to commit ritual suicide in this case but those who did not follow the code were considered a disgrace and...
Inspired by Sadness
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Seba Jun (A Nujabes...
Song made with samples used by Nujabes R.I.P Nujabes 1974-2010 All work is copyrighted Contact me if you want to use this
Inspired by Seba Jun (A...
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Seba Jun (A Nujabes...
A short preview of a track I'm currently working on as a tribute to Nujabes, a japanese DJ/Music Producer that tragically died in a car accident in 2010 when he was hit by a drunk driver... I'm using some of his samples to make this track, the one in the preview is from his song Feather
Inspired by Sadness
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Hovering (unfinished)
unfinished track, a lot of times my music remains unfinished and never released because of the amount of projects I start at the same time
Inspired by Unfinished
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