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For this work I wanted to play with the organic form of ready to squeeze cake icing, I simply iced a piece of wood as if it was a cupcake. What makes the viewer question this piece the most is its strong vanilla scent, exactly like a cupcake.
Inspired by Pop a Product
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Ice Cream
When making this work I wanted to see if I could use cake icing as paint, when mixing the icing with paint it made it become more liquid, almost like melted ice cream. I have sprinkled glitter over this piece to add to its cutesy, pastel appearance, almost as if it is sprinkles over an ice cream...
Inspired by Pop a Product
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I made this piece to explore abstract form and how I could alter it with texture to create a more interesting feel. By using silicone I have given this form a soft, touchable finish but also a slight threatening look which matched together form a strange attraction/repulsion feeling around this...
Inspired by Formation
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