Lindsay Elise Jolly
I am a fine art graduate from Norwich University of the Arts, BA (Hons) Fine Art, First Class.

Working in many different disciplines, I have a keen interest in psychology and the ways in which our minds (both conscious and subconscious) work. My practice is centred on embracing the unknown and exploring the experience of materiality. I am interested in concepts of the unexpected, liminality, transformation, deconstruction, control, failure and lived experience. This makes process and experimentation essential components of my work along with a sensitivity to place and time.

I also make site specific installations that respond to space and experience of place, regularly working collaboratively with other artists.
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Tree of life
For this piece I took my inspiration from the wonderful packaging design of One drinks, the tree is a key focal point which connects the other elements and creates an interconnected cycle. I made the tree very rooty to symbolise this interconnectivity between the product and the planet as well as...
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Fruit Explosion
With this piece I was trying to visually describe an explosion of taste, using the colour bleeding process to represent the subtle way in which the flavours in one drinks interact with one another, much like the way the hibiscus raspberry and mint puts across a duel taste with the raspberry hitting...
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Thinking about the one drinks project and company those led me back to look again at a black and white study of water droplets that I had done years before. I decided to change the shape of the droplets to echo the o shape of the one drinks name. The lines spreading out from the central drop for me...
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A simple statement message that works on two levels, referring to hydrating oneself with the drinks and hydrating communities with the charity fund raising, I have tried to use colours relating to the flavours and to water wanting it to appear as though the colours are bursting free of the words...
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The Promise
I created this ink blown landscape due to thinking about how the One drinks ethos is using a commercial product to bring promising futures to disadvantaged communities so I used bright and hopeful colours.
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Solidified Fluidity
I have attempted to capture the fluid nature of Larain Briggs' piece in the solid form of concrete as a wall hanging piece.
Inspired by Life, Essence and...
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Opposition &...
Taken on a plane I loved the symmetry between the ice on the window and the sun on the horizon, elements in direct opposition perfectly aligned.
Inspired by Think Travel
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Speaking Silence
This film is a very personal investigation of the mental health problems that I developed when dealing with physical disability. The imagery expresses more than I ever could in words about the torment of being trapped in a body that is effectively a prison, enforcing an isolation that was an...
Inspired by Let's Talk
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3 Minute Mod Roc
Quick little Mod Roc Sculpture. I have better resolution video if needed but had to reduce to upload.
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Wood Carving in 3...
Quick video just to show 3 minutes of progress in wood carving with a Dremel. I have higher Resolution video if needed, had to lower to upload.
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Hydro dip
Moulded Thermomorph plastic which has then been hydro dipped and gilded.
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Paper Flower
Hand made paper rose, I have better resolution video if required.
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Stone Carving
3 minute stone carving, I have higher resolution video but had to reduce it to upload
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French Plait
French plaiting my hair in 3 minutes, I have higher resolution versions of the video if needed but had to reduce it to upload.
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Don't Carve the Dancer,...
My title pretty much covers my basic way of thinking for this piece. When watching the video I was struck by the way the dancers took the solid form of their bodies and made something very fluid emerge. So in carving the dance rather than the dancer I have tried to create something very fluid...
Inspired by Material Men Redux
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A plaster cast made from an alginate mould of screwed up paper, thinking about how our actions consolidate materials in order to bring about new forms.
Inspired by Formation
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Earth Formation
A plaster cast made from an alginate mould and then carved by hand to finish, attempting to emulate the natural formation of materials that forms our world over vast expanses of time.
Inspired by Formation
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Falling Skies
Perfect placement of droplets made this too beautiful not to photograph
Inspired by Water
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Natural Elegance
I felt that this wasps nest was such a wonderful example of the beauty and delicacy in nature so I have cast it in to plaster with gold liquid gilding.
Inspired by Opulent
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Affluence of History
Small stone carving in Portland Limestone revealing the many shells and fossils that nature has collected within the stone.
Inspired by Opulent
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The Process of...
Even though I missed the deadline I wanted to post this as I think it expresses the concept of an idea coming to life which is precisely what popping is to me.
Inspired by What is Popping?
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First ever attempt at spray painting, took 20 minutes
Inspired by 1 Hour Challenge
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Structural Ambiguity
I was inspired by the way the spray paints bleed into one another in Joanne Chan's piece and wanted to play with the idea of inserting order in to the chaos, so I used guides to create straight lines and corners within the piece and then sprayed on thick layers to ensure that they would bleed in to...
Inspired by Utopia
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Primal Dance
Wood carving made using hand chisels and a Dremel to finish. I was inspired by the primal energy in the video and the almost inhuman forms the dancers made with their bodies. I have tried to keep my piece looking primitive to capture this energy.
Inspired by RUN
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Igniting The Mind
I was thinking about the theme Ignite in relation to the ideals of Pop My Minds platform and the way it uses creative influences to "Ignite the mind" The piece is made up of an old book, a plastic skull from a kids science magazine that I painted with acrylics to make it look more...
Inspired by Ignite
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Deep within
I have stained this piece of wood and then hand carved the chestnut leaf pattern in to it to provide a variation in colour between the carved and non carved spaces, thinking about the variety of colours and patterns in nature and the peaceful, rejuvenating sensations that nature can provoke.
Inspired by Wood
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Michelle Bowden's piece's ever expanding circles and the accompanying text talking about infinity and evolution brought to mind the imagery of a swirling expanding cosmos. I wanted to try and keep the clean look of the black and white lines as well so I made my piece from Aluminium sheet and have...
Inspired by Infinite
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From little acorns ....
The acorn holds within it a wealth of data, the potential for life, as it sprouts shoots grow up to collect the light and help it grow and the root network spreads beneath the ground collecting nutrients and further data about the area for it's continued well-being. According to ecologist Suzanne...
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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I have used pyrography to highlight the growth rings (natural data collection) on this slice of tree and burned in binary. I wanted to highlight the ways in which information collection can impact how we interact with our enviroment.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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A multi-coloured wire ball photographed under ultra violet light, this piece is made up of thousands of connections much like social media platforms. Each connection in the web is made up of data connections, an ever expanding throng. I used the ultra voilet light to photograph the piece to show...
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Identity Mass
When I made this I thinking about the ways in which we create and store data that informs our lives on a day to day basis and how we use it to build our identities. So I decided to make something using some of the items we often use to collect and transmit data, i.e. mobile phones, computers,...
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Crimson Cairn
In response to Sarah Bales piece remembering the soldiers from the battle of the Somme, I have made a cairn from slate as cairns are a traditional sign of remembrance, I have also added colour to it to echo the colours of Sarah's piece.
Inspired by Remembering
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Photograph taken in the woods at North Reps looking up through the leaves of a chestnut tree.
Inspired by Into the forest...
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Magic In The Water
A photograph of the sun shining on a river, adjusted in photoshop, I took this photo as I find moments like this so magical and physically and spiritually healing, it makes me feel so revitalized to sit and watch the water at moments like this.
Inspired by Healing
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Faces of Nature
Photograph of tree bark close up under the light of street lamps, I haven't edited this photograph at all as I loved it just as it was. I took it because I was totally in awe of how beautiful nature can be and the fact that being highlighted by something man made only magnified its appeal was a...
Inspired by Wood
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The Glimpse
Panoramic photograph taken on the train in response to Discursive 4 by Steve Joyce. This was mostly in response to the text that was written with the piece and what Steve said about the fleeting moments when travelling through the countryside. The idea of something appearing and then just as...
Inspired by Discursive 4
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The In-between
In Response to Tadhg Caffery's piece both in the visual and the accompanying text, thinking about how stairs are and uncanny in-between space that make a lot of people slightly uncomfortable due to the transitional nature and also for many people with health issues due to the challenge that...
Inspired by The Arsenal Stairs
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Colour In The Flow
An image made up of several water photographs layered over one another, shadows darkened and then solarized. I decided to make this piece because I love the shapes made in the movement of my local river and stand for ages watching it as it becomes almost hypnotic or meditative.
Inspired by Water
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Depth Of Direction
Inspired by the colour palette and the idea of portraying the feeling of painting that Skye Couzens uses in Rhythmic Intensity. Whilst painting this I was thinking about the many different directions and dead ends in life combined with the layers of depth of experience and the idea that it's...
Inspired by Rhythmic Intensity
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Sculpture made from cement and perspex lenses in response to the revolution theme, I wanted to make something relating to the industrial revolution and the harsh smoggy qualities it has brought to the world. The perspex lenses act as a murky window that only shows another level of the bleak...
Inspired by Revolution
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Sculpture made with concrete and fabric as a visual response to Ezra Shalev's text piece
Inspired by Society
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All Tied Up
A response to the shapes in Richard Day's photograph letting the materials lead the way, also illustrating feelings of anxiety and the ways in which we tie ourselves up to contain them and make things feel ok again, I chose anxiety as the emotion connected to this as it was related to the process...
Inspired by Formal Randiness
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Made as a response to the joint influences of Mark Aarons's Music Scape Test A and Gregor Andersons Comfort score, the circular patterns in the soundscape and the comforting tones of the piano gave me feelings of safety, security, contentment and snugness like a familiar passage or a nest.
Inspired by music-scape test a
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Floating Feather
As a response to the Life music piece I have tried to echo the ups and downs of life.
Inspired by Life
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