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My second attempt in Photoshop. I was trying to put Andrea's description of Her photo into one image.
Inspired by A new...
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Her Puzzle
"It's not about the pieces, but how they work together" We can look at ourselves and like/dislike the pieces that we are made of, but the full picture is what we are. I haven't used photoshop for years, and am pretty bad at it, however felt pretty inspired by Munpook Lui's work and...
Inspired by untitled00296
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Crazy Eyes
" I try to contain my crazy, but the lid keeps popping off..."
Inspired by Eye Piece
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Mushroom dance
I really liked Liam Taylor's " Shroom With a View" so I tried to recreate something similar with a little touch of creepy atmosphere.
Inspired by Shroom With A...
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Identity Glitch
"It is not Your job, to be everything to everyone" When trying to please everyone, be everywhere for everyone, One might lose it's own identity and be trapped in a glitch.
Inspired by Transfiguration
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