Mary Jones
b. 1993
Studies in Norwich University of the Arts

I currently practice with metal and rust and like to try different processes to manipulate the material. At the moment, my work focuses on childhood trauma and its various effects on adults, often questioning at what stage do we consider an event to be a trauma, especially when we are young. I also incorporate nature into my work because i think nature has a healing quality to any kind of trauma. My other works include casts of different hand gestures as hands have the power to nurture as well as destroy something.
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Intimate gathering
Humans are complex beings and human relation of any kind is complex in itself. The more we get to know other people intimately, the more flaws we see in them. We dislike them because we see a part of us that we do not like to acknowledge in ourselves. People merely act as a mirror. We hurt others...
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Glittered Wound
This photo is a close up of one of my artworks and the small crystals are nothing but dried up salted water on metal.
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As above so below
This is a response to Lindsay Elise Jolly's work 'Tree of life' where roots are prominently visible which reminds me of the roots below the earth as well. I personally find tree roots intriguing as it makes me wonder if the roots of the tree looks similar to the branches above the earth. I rusted...
Inspired by Tree of life
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Into the nature
I liked the idea of how a walk into the nature helps us feel more calm and I wanted to show that visually through a sculpture.
Inspired by Regaining Self
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I took some keywords from the poem i.e unfinished, grow and tried to incorporate them into a drawing and since its titled 'Life's work' I thought it's best to show it visually in the form of nature.
Inspired by Life's Work
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Coming alive
Inspired by Water
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some things are better understood in silence than in words, especially when it comes to nature and art :)
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just playing with sugar cubes.... although they are not placed on a mirror, the reflection is coming through the plastic on a canvas... I forgot to rotate the picture but realised that it actually looks pretty cool the way it is.
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Used two different materials that have completely different characteristics from each other-empty tea bags which are fragile and canvas frame which are solid. I wanted the light to come through the tea bags to highlight its texture and delicacy. I think this photo and it's colours are quite warm...
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Back to square one......
I loved the poem 'The Mark you left' so much which was a response to my painting, that I HAD to make something that visually reciprocated the feelings I had when I was reading the poem. P.S. I know it's not one of my best drawings but it's just my way of showing how much I liked the poem :P
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Along the Way
Formation of my personality through the knowledge in the books I have read. I believe reading brings stability and peace of mind as well.
Inspired by Formation
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One faces many disappointments in life and they all combine and reflect as one in the eyes.
Inspired by Sadness
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Some people stay in our memory even after they are long gone.
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