Margaret Lipsey
As an artist, I began exploring two divergent paths.
On one I found grace and strength; women demanding to be seen, giving pause to those who passed. They have power beyond the canvas. they delve into our being and reflect what we want to see in ourselves. This path is inspiring as an artist. These women are apart from me but they influence who I am. They take me to the realm of realistic fantasy; beyond my normal but not outside of my reach.
The other path is much more reflective. The abstracts are pieces of myself coming out into the world. These are an intuitive release that I only come to recognize upon completion of the work. My abstract pieces allow me to travel deeper into my beliefs and my thoughts. One canvas is composed of a hundred thoughts thereby becoming a novel to be read and reread. They are as varied as my thoughts but collections slowly reveal themselves the longer I participate in their creation. I see these paintings as true reflections of who I am as an artist; a constant balancing game between light and dark, heavy intentional strokes and arbitrary spots, there is movement and action.
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Passing By
Moving always. Always moving. An abstract scene of the land and sky as we zoom through the landscape. leaving bits of ourselves in our wake.
Inspired by The Pop
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Current Mood
The energy of a scent is powerful but I find that it has two levels. The explosion as it hits you and the coolness as it lingers....
Inspired by Pop a Fragrance
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Making Marks 1
Watercolor and brush moving without intention become the hills and valleys of a journey that I have yet to take. I like that this piece took the shape of some of my acrylic work and that my subconscious gave angles and curves to the individual marks.
Inspired by Silk Road
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Rocky Shores
Reflection of the formations make the rocks seem like beasts upon the shore. Glints of gold like teeth awaiting my return. They are at once beautiful and foreboding. So I will remain on the water for a bit longer.
Inspired by Earth
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Blending Sea and Sky
On a clear day, you can see forever. Or that's what they tell me. I can see the perfect peace of an all enveloping blue. Changed in steps from tranquil sea to vast sky. I am enclosed in the magic of the moment, each wave washing over my consciousness pushing me towards the bliss of a summer...
Inspired by Water
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Kintsugi in Process
Process video of the creation of a watercolor bowl with gold filled cracks.
Inspired by What Can You...
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The Start of the Storm
The change from a bright and sunny day to a dark and ravenous storm is a gradual progression of ever louder hints. The softness of the clouds become ragged. The bright white turns charcoal as if they were burnt by the storm within them. The waves are less serene and more agitated. It is brewing.
Inspired by Storm System,...
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The sea in the final moments of a storm. Peace is returning, the and water become themselves again and no longer a churning mass. The air slows and sea returns to its meditative state.
Inspired by Joy After Rain
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