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Baba Yaga
Inspired by the Eastern European folklore of Baba Yaga, an old, supernatural woman who lives in a house that stands on chicken legs. I thought the image of a chicken-legged house was an interesting image that I wanted to play with. Made with archive footage and incorporating original drawing for...
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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Layers of loneliness
Video exploring the layers within a mind and how loneliness can sometimes be a hidden and buried emotion.
Inspired by Loneliness
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Inspired by the colour green, I combined sewing and leaves adding to the natural beauty of the leaves.
Inspired by Green
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In the garden
When experimenting with a new filming technique, I realised how the garden seems like a different world and where a lot of folk lore and stories come from. The insects have a world and agenda of their own. The film technique is lense whacking which is when you hold a lense away from the body of...
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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New York Captured
Inspired by the collage style of 'Capture' by zhyzhyp. Layered archive footage of New York.
Inspired by Capture
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Faces in a Crowd
Inspired by Adam Riches' 'Revolutionary Justice', I animated the piece bringing out the torment and horror in the face.
Inspired by Revolutionary...
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Human Annoyance
Inspired by Sam Spicer's 'Human Confusion', I animated the piece to create something more light hearted.
Inspired by Human Confusion
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Inspired by 'Empty Spaces' showing the inner workings of an invention and how such different elements can create one image. Created using found footage to make an unnerving machine. Whilst compositing the image, I realised I had used only female body parts for the machine. I found it interesting...
Inspired by Empty spaces
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Digital Space
Inspired by Digital Soul- I used archive footage of space and original video to create an ethereal face shining through space.
Inspired by DIGITAL SOUL
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