Nick Lands
Neuroexotic programmer in the television sky of meta absurdia.

(Some) Influences: Elaine Sturtevant, Dominique Gonzales - Foerester, Phillipe Parreno, William Gibson, Eva Hesse, Olafur Eliaason,
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Narcissist Olympics
I seem to spend most of my time, thinking about myself and how things are for me. I am obsessed. Narcissistic. I guess that makes me ordinary. Full version:
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Audio: Forest Swords - Rattling Cage (2010). The ice is melting. This is an environmental and physiological statement. Ego represses its flaws. Greed dis-empowers the individual. Live in denial or live with the guilt. Time lapse capture of melting, looped. Audio a happy coincidence.
Inspired by Formation
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Inspired by ? There is liberation in the act of questioning.
Inspired by ?
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