Chris DeSimone
I write original works in my free time.

My musical influences include:

Foals | Andy Mckee | Bonobo | Mogwai | Explosions in the Sky| Led Zeppelin | Radiohead | Atmosphere | Foo Fighters | Incubus | alt-j |Gramatik | Aphex Twin | Killswitch Engage | Finley Quaye | Mother Mother | Frightened Rabbit
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A track for moments of lust or restored hope.
Inspired by Self
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A relaxing track that resonates with a variety of moods.
Inspired by Self
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Even in these times, marked by political fragmentation around the world, I am optimistic and driven by the wider majority which is rejecting those who only want to divide us in order to gain or maintain power. -- I wanted this track to have a push/pull dynamic with sounds that build a dark and...
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This is the same arrangement as one of my other uploads, but with different instruments and a depressing rather than hopeful, uplifting tone.
Inspired by #EuropeEdition
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This track was built up from the bass line, which didn't want to leave my head after I associated it with the good mood I was in.
Inspired by Joy
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Material Men Redux Promo...
This is my second pop of Material Men Redux. I was listening to the track of my original post while watching the video and found that the tempos of the two sync up nicely. I decided to really try laying my audio over the video and am very pleased with the result. Hope you enjoy! I only own the...
Inspired by Material Men...
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Inspired by Material Men...
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The piano was recorded live with an iPad in 2010. I always felt as if something was missing. I finally tied it together recently with the addition of some MIDI instruments.
Inspired by A long time ago
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Year 1 Under King...
Electronic beat with a frighteningly distorted computer narration. Text from "Year 1 Under Authoritarianism - What to Expect" by Martin Mycielski.
Inspired by Change
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Do we have a verdict?
A sign that is as superficially deceptive as the American justice system.
Inspired by Signs
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