Sarah Bale
I am a storyteller who tells tales in pictures.
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Beginning to Breathe
I have tried to evoke the feeling of movement in dance. The arms are winglike as if the dancer is transforming from human to bird.
Inspired by Silk Road
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Baby on Blue Blanket
This painting is part of a new series of work exploring the relationship between mother’s and their children. ‘Baby on a Blue Blanket’ is a small acrylic painting of my own baby when he was a few hours old. The gentle folds of the blue blanket surround and protect my newborn...
Inspired by New Beginnings
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Working Process
Drawing in sketchbooks and on paper is the way I explore ideas before moving on to a final piece of work.
Inspired by Process
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The Night of the Hunter
The Night of the Hunter ~ Inspired by the underwater scene from the film The Night of the Hunter, I have used haunting images of Shelley Winters lifeless body still seated in her car trapped in a watery grave. I want my image to have a strange eerie beauty, and equally be deeply unsettling.
Inspired by Nightmare
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Psycho House
‘Here we have a quiet little motel tucked away off the main highway, and as you see, perfectly harmless looking, when in fact it has now become known as the scene of the crime. This motel also has as an adjunct old house which is, if I may say so, a little more sinister looking, less innocent...
Inspired by Nightmare
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I have taken a still from the 1976 film Carrie which was adapted from the Stephen King novel. This is the moment when Carrie is covered in a bucket of pigs blood at the high school prom. Carrie's telekinetic rage explodes turning the prom into a bloody massacre. I have stripped away the original...
Inspired by Nightmare
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Remembering the men who lost their lives in the Battle of the Somme.
Inspired by Trophies.
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A face can reveal or conceal the damage that life has inflicted on a person.
Inspired by FEAR ITSELF!
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Poisonous Flower
Poisonous Flower is part of a series of mugshot portraits. I am trying to make the viewer uncomfortable with a deeper, more disturbing, reveal of this woman's personality.
Inspired by Refugee
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The Staircase
There is something very creepy about stairs at night. The way they creek and the shadows the bannister makes on the walls. And what is inside the cupboard under the stairs? Why is the door half open?
Inspired by No One Likes...
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