I am an artist working in various media. I am also a lawyer, and run a law firm. It's an interesting combination, but both activities can enhance the other!
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Land in sight
by ant
I was inspired to paint my original work - which is the thumbnail here - by a photograph by Giles Duley entitled ' A boat carrying over 40 Afghan approaches Lesvos after crossing the Aegean from Turkey - Lesvos, Greece, October 31st 2015'. Michelle's work deals with the same theme in a different...
Inspired by Seeing
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Dragon Fire
by ant
I am interested in exploring Chinese art methods and styles but inevitably in a Western context
Inspired by Fire
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looking at a waterfall
by ant
using traditional materials and techniques to paint a traditional image with a story of contemplation
Inspired by Water
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Taoist Hermit
by ant
Using traditional Chinese materials to paint a traditional Taoist image.
Inspired by Earth
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bamboo sticks
by ant
I recently went to Hong Kong and when there decided it would be good if I could find a traditional Chinese teacher. I was lucky to find Winnie Davies. She gave me a two hour lesson concentrating only on parts of bamboo as requested. Later I bought the materials and this is my first attempt back in...
Inspired by Wood
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conversational piece
by ant
Inspired by The Image of...
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Green Man
by ant
I was inspired by Michelle's work to create this which also relates on her own pop of 'in the forest'. The Green Man is the archetype of rustic spirituality
Inspired by The Unfamiliar...
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Non Pseudo Man
by ant
Death Metal and Bacterium Pseudomonas Flourescens
Inspired by Sonification...
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