Im a musician, I like to compose, perform and produce things. I also draw things from time to time. I tend to focus on soundtrack things and try to compose soundtracks ( comics, film, games.) I have been involved in a lot of things, but I want to be involved in a lot of other things now ^_^
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I thought the video and performers had danced freely, no set rules. It had an exotic flow to it and so, I recorded a track using no metronome, no guide lines, and it was anything goes.
Inspired by Beauty of the...
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Still A Cluttered Mind...
There is never true silence. This track represents how my mind is always cluttered with things… Even in the tranquility of the forest.
Inspired by Into the...
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Pop & Bop
Add, shape, mix, shift and change all go hand in hand (for me) in Pop My Mind. You can respond and keep it relevant, reference it or completely change the theme. Inspire! Be inspired!
Inspired by Pop My Mind...
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Made this guy from packets of filters, skins and fabric. Badass little dude. Heavy metal too.
Inspired by Life
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Space Cowboys! Sci Fi awesomeness
Inspired by Earth
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1 hour challenge, I like 80's Sci Fi sounds ^_^
Inspired by 1 Hour...
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They go round…
I had "the wheels on the bus" stuck in my head when I was on my way to the exhibition, looking at this picture distorted the song in my head… quite disturbing actually. I was going to add violin but decided to keep it vocals
Inspired by Portrait of...
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The Deep
This is what I heard while inspecting Jake Lucas' deep sea painting at Pop My Mind exhibition. The high pitch guitar cry symbolises the tiny lights from the squid! Small in sound trying to make way and echo through the thick bass sound.
Inspired by Deep sea
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Wolf's Pride
The Big Bad Wolf… What if he wasn't bad at all? What if he experienced discrimination and humiliation by false rumours? Surely there will be a reckoning...
Inspired by 'Wolf'
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Lift the Sadness
The gain of true happiness through an episode of severe sadness, hit rock bottom, let it go, become happiness. In my head, the girl had no more tears and started a new; growing wings in the process.
Inspired by Sad Girl 3D...
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The general idea is we're experiencing similar or the same things over and over again ( deja vu, going round in circles). So the structure sort of starts off and meets the middle point… then returns and vice versa. The artwork is by my brother Mohzart which inspired the idea of time, and Pop...
Inspired by Love
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Meet Stacia, cheerful and adventurous. She accidentally summons a magical rabbit and discovers her magic ability. All artwork, music and story based on a drawing from my little niece. Female vocals by my niece whitefox77
Inspired by Joy
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Nah Cat
Wow, I loved the Cat! Here is what I heard in my head when I saw the picture hahaa.
Inspired by Cats in...
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Let Me Hear You Sing!
I had a simple catchy riff which I always wanted to finish and create a full track with… Finally I have found the poem for it. What got to me most was the title "Two Worlds" Somehow the track fits naturally "for me: with the words. Hope all approve
Inspired by Two Planets
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Violence V Violence
Fight fire with fire, this artwork was dark upfront and dark. I thought the track should be the same, no intro or build up… just straight in there ^_^
Inspired by traces of...
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Piano and synth symbolise the eerie scary, guitar symbolises innocence of the child , the drums are the heart beat and the voices are what your inner thoughts whisper to you..... Or the devil... Is that really your voice at that age. Have you the capacity to reassure yourself so young
Inspired by See through...
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When I created this track I had both 'sad' and 'surprise' in mind, with a few surprise changes and digital transitions. The track emphasises more on the sad feeling which is present throughout.
Inspired by Sadness
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