Ioana Danila
Graphic design and illustration graduate. Interested in music, design, literature and mostly everything. My aim is to stay inspired always.
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Rooibos, Grapefruit...
My favorite drink of the three, the ingredients lend in a wave of fresh and spicy flavors.
Inspired by One Drinks...
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Moringa, Lemon, Lime
Same as with the first one, only this time I used an explosive motion to reflect the zesty and fun ingredients. Citrus is energy.
Inspired by One Drinks...
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Hibiscus, Raspberry...
I used the ingredients in order to emphasize the organic nature of the drinks. Through the bright colours and explosive composition, I tried to induce the feel of the brand and the drinks: happiness, health, nature.
Inspired by One Drinks...
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The danger bees are in is a serious problem and I wanted to express that through the use of the pesticide mask, which underlies one of the big reasons why bees are dying.
Inspired by Save the Bees...
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I wanted to express the danger bees are in through the shattered typography and the crumbling honeycomb. The honeybee is depicted without colour to symbolize their slow disappearance. I am hopeful that bees, a vital part of our ecosystem, will be saved.
Inspired by Save the Bees...
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Inspired by the theme, I wanted to explore the darker side of Tropical. A side that is beautiful and colourful and diverse, but also dangerous and exotic.
Inspired by Tropical
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At your fingertips
Big data is so large nowadays it can be compared with the size of the Earth. And yet the data in itself is virtual. And if it is rightly stored, labelled and analyzed, all the data one needs can literally be at one's fingertips.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Indian dance
I was inspired by Jacob M-T's amazing sound improvisation. It reminded me of India - an Indian night time dance and a colorful, trance-like state. This is what I wanted to convey through color and lines.
Inspired by Drone...
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