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The tropical theme reminded me of the paintings of Max Ernst, which I first heard about through J G Ballard's novella The Drowned World. The latter's largely an expression of Western fear about nature manifested as a world-consuming tropical climate. Ernst also indicates an attitude toward tropical...
Inspired by Tropical
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Bay Window
Inspired by the theme 'Transition'. I set up a camera looking out my window and recorded different moments during the day to create a 32 second montage. I wanted to examine temporal variations on the same spot. This has a fade-out at the end. Alternative versions may roll perpetually.
Inspired by Transition
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In this case the 'forest' is actually Coxhoe Wood, County Durham. Even small woods like this are interesting systems, with their capacity for endless detail. Hub Zwart suggests that laboratory science is essentially flawed as it takes unitary elements of nature and examines them in artificial...
Inspired by Into the...
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Just a look at micro-environments and their inhabitants. Started underfoot, with dirt, detritus and stones, and then moved upwards.
Inspired by Earth
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Like 'The Glimpse' this was recorded on a train. I liked the blended panorama effect and attempted something similar with cross-fades and overlays. I'm interested in capturing and destabilising the everyday, so this was an attempt at that with film.
Inspired by The Glimpse
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