Luke Mayo
Channelling my thoughts through rhyme
is something that I find sublime.
Read my stuff as you please,
you can browse them with ease.
I wish you a wonderful time.

P.S. I also do non-rhyming stuff. Just so you know.
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The Spirit of Nature
I enjoyed "Green Man", with its focus on "rustic spirituality". The poem "The Spirit of Nature" further examines this spiritual, ethereal quality of nature.
Inspired by Green Man
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I was interested in the way that "Easy being evil" deals with different types of instincts (hunger and so forth). I started wondering about a different type of instinct: an intuitive one. We all have to make decisions in life: choosing one direction over another, this thing over that...
Inspired by Easy being evil
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The Hearts of Many
"Shredded Pieces", with its usage of different broken fragments, inspired me to think on the subject of love. When we share our love with multiple people, it's like our heart has been divided into multiple fragments, which have all been shared with different people. How wonderful it...
Inspired by Shredded Pieces
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Empty Achievements
Discovering means of flight strikes me as being one of mankind's greatest achievements. Using this idea in conjunction with the idea of "ghost", as is done with "Ghost of Flight", appears to me as a kind of subversion- the greatness of being able to fly, offset by the empty...
Inspired by Ghost of flight
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The End
"God help us", with its fatal overtones, inspired me to think of human lives, and how limited they are. The only thing we all know for sure is that we all have a final day. When and how that day arrives is a mystery. Hence the poem "The End".
Inspired by God help us.
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Until You Came
"The intruder" got me thinking about how other people can suddenly enter our lives, with no warning. The consequences of their abrupt appearance may not always be very happy. Some people are out there to ruin us. "Until You Came" addresses this.
Inspired by The intruder
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The idea of a watchtower puts in my mind the idea of being watched and, therefore, being noticed. We all wonder whether what we do is noticed by other people. We question our own significance in this vast world we live in. That's what the poem "Impact" is all about.
Inspired by (©)Riedstr...
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Hidden Scars
I was interested in the way that "Support" deals with hiding pain from the rest of the world. The poem "Hidden Scars" also addresses this idea.
Inspired by Support
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Too Soon a Goodbye
The vast majority of things in this world are temporary. This is much sadder when applied to friendships. There are certain friendships which we are certain will go the distance. How unfortunate it is when that turns out not to be the case.
Inspired by significance...
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What's it like to be...
"The Day when all beings will be free" got me wondering about this concept of freedom. It occurred to me that there's so much mystery surrounding the idea of being free- are any of us free? From what, or who? This sense of mystery is addressed in the poem "What's it like to be...
Inspired by The Day when...
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Simple Pleasures
"Space Tea" got me thinking about the simple happiness that people can derive from a cup of tea, along with the cosmic wonder of space. These two very different ideas combined as one inspired me to think about the immense joy that can be found in little habits and routines that we all...
Inspired by Space Tea
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Why am I not happy?
The calming piece "Rainy Summer" got me thinking- summers are usually sunny, not rainy, right? This contrast got me thinking on a deeper level about life's contrasts. We can so often be content with the rather mundane routines that we can find in life. Yet, there's still a part of us...
Inspired by Rainy Summer
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Toxic Dealings
In response to the instruments used to assist with breathing in hazardous environments featured in "Breathe", the poem "Toxic Dealings" considers environments which are hazardous in, not a physical sense, but an emotional one. We all face troubled times in our lives, and these...
Inspired by Breathe
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Obscure Times Ahead
I love the sense of mystery in "Cosmic Blue". I thought about how this mystery applies to our lives. The future is always a mystery- where will we end up tomorrow? Next week? Next year? In five years? Ten? Nobody can be sure what will happen, whatever plans they make. "Obscure...
Inspired by Cosmic blue
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No Place for Me
"Cocooned" deals with being within a protective shell. "No Place for Me" takes a rather different view- being stuck on the outside of another person's protective shell. When you love a person, but they won't let you get near them, the heartache can be difficult to deal with....
Inspired by Cocooned
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Inner Strength
When I think of "Muscle", the first thing that comes to mind is strength. This, of course, applies not just to physical strength, but also to mental and emotional tenacity. It can be difficult to be strong in this wicked world of ours. To survive, we have to muster up all the strength we...
Inspired by Muscle
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So Brilliant, So Alone
"Asteroid Belt" addresses a sense of loneliness. It made me think of all the many people who achieve greatness by going up into space and exploring its wonders. There are, of course, other ways of achieving greatness- through art, science, invention or anything else. In keeping with...
Inspired by Asteroid belt
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Plants and People
Inspired by the idea of personal human development featured in "Grow", I have considered another type of growth that can be seen in the world around us: the growth of plants and nature. "Plants and People" compares these two different, yet very similar, types of growth.
Inspired by Grow
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Call-Out to Nobody
In response to the theme of "Nameless Peoples" and the struggles that countless Syrian refugees are undergoing, "Call-Out to Nobody" reflects on the loneliness that many people feel throughout their lives. When we are in the midst of struggle, that's when the support of others...
Inspired by Nameless...
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Under Examination
When considering the imagery of "Windows", I wondered: what are windows used for? To observe the world. Of course, this can be used in reverse- the world can use the very same windows to observe us, and our inner selves. Everyone has that feeling that people can see their inner being and...
Inspired by Windows
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Dull Realities, High...
In response to the theme of "Human", the poem "Dull Realities, High Hopes" considers what the human condition can be like at times. Sometimes, as humans, all we can see is the mundane, slightly boring world around us. It can seem like we are limited by the world, and by our...
Inspired by Human
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The Joy of Sunsets
I recently saw the most beautiful of sunsets. I was so inspired that I had to write about it. "The Joy of Sunsets" is the result.
Inspired by Joy
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The Power of the Arts
"Art can be a weapon" inspired me to think about the power that art in all its forms has over people. It influences us, gets us fired up and brings us together. That sums up what "The Power of the Arts" is all about.
Inspired by Art can be a...
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Fear of Change
"Revolution", to me, implies a sense of change. We all know how the world changes around us every day, yet this truth terrifies us- hence the poem "Fear of Change".
Inspired by Revolution
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A Natural Fusion?
"Will I Ever Understand Nature?" discusses nature with all its wonders and ways. "A Natural Fusion?" discusses mankind's attempts to unite with nature, and the dubious effects which have resulted.
Inspired by Will I Ever...
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The Mountain Path
"I see a mountain at my gates" creates in me a sense of awe and wonder. This inspired the poem "The Mountain Path", comparing the process of travelling through life to the process of travelling up a mountain.
Inspired by I see a...
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Shackled to Reality
I was inspired by "In Between" and by what may (or may not) be happening between in section. This made me think about being between two different worlds: the physical world that the body inhabits, and the world of imagination which the mind creates. "Shackled to Reality"...
Inspired by In between
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The Serpent Sleeps
"It is not good to wake a sleeping lion" got me thinking about the tension and fear that would be felt in this type of scenario. "The Serpent Sleeps" imagines a similar scenario with a different animal- the snake.
Inspired by It is not good...
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Time by the Tree
"Lonesome Blues" emphasises how sad being alone can be. "Time by the Tree" takes the feeling of solitude to a happy, peaceful place.
Inspired by lonesome blues
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In the Cupboard
"This is MY joy... not yours" got me thinking about the kind of things we share with others, and the kind of things we keep to ourselves, hidden away where none can see them. "In the Cupboard" is all about the secret place within ourselves where we keep all our deepest truths...
Inspired by This is MY...
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Excluded from Joy
"Habitual Jealousy" deals with that well-known emotion in the human psyche- envy. It got me thinking about the conflict that we can so often feel when we see happiness that we are not a part of. We want to be happy for other people, but the feeling of not being a part of it comes to the...
Inspired by Habitual...
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Tauntings of a Ceaseless...
"Soon comes morning" makes me think: what do we do when we wait for the morning? Sleep! Or at least we try to. Sometimes our brains can make sleep rather difficult. "Tauntings of a Ceaseless Mind" tells the story.
Inspired by Soon comes...
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Nightmares Take Control
"Occultation" addresses "psychological fears", both "real and imagined." I wondered: what if these two elements of fear, imagination and reality, became intertwined? What if life itself became overwhelmed with fear, our nightmares woven into the fabric of the world we...
Inspired by Occultation
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An Unsafe Landing
Having considered the various perspectives involved in the story "What do you do now?", such as the cat, the religious people and the criminals, I next decided to consider another possible perspective: that of the meteorite. I wondered- what if the meteorite were, in fact, an alien...
Inspired by What do you do...
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Loved Unto Death
Thanks to the meteorite, the world is coming to an end. What better time for a previously tongue-tied would-be romantic couple to share their true feelings for each other? In response to "What do you do now?", the poem "Loved Unto Death" tells the story.
Inspired by What do you do...
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Crimes at the End of Days
"What do you do now?" includes a marked increase in crime rate- the end of the world is coming, so no one cares for the law any more. "Crimes at the End of Days" is a poem about a person just like this- a character who has spent a life living in crime, and is now determined to...
Inspired by What do you do...
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Prayer to the Rock
"What do you do now?" contains a religious element- people joining together in prayer for salvation from the impending meteorite strike. I wondered- what if people turned to the meteorite itself in their prayers? What if, at the end of days, the meteorite becomes a new object of worship?...
Inspired by What do you do...
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Cat's Eyes
In response to "What do you do now?", I was particularly fascinated by the presence of the cat in the story. The poem "Cat's Eyes" focusses on the cat's perspective on the meteorite's arrival, with an explanation as to what the cat is doing there in the first place.
Inspired by What do you do...
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I Shared, You Laughed
I love the way "Begin" addresses the struggles in communicating ourselves with others. The poem "I Shared, You Laughed" addresses these same struggles- how we seek to connect with people who don't understand us, and go on to mock us.
Inspired by Begin
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Island Features, Sea...
"Tropical" is a theme with an emphasis on paradise. In the poem "Island Features, Sea Creatures", I have considered: what if that tropical paradise was corrupted by fear? What if the troubles we'd gone to paradise to escape from caught up with us? What if the dream became a...
Inspired by Tropical
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Life's Black Holes
"Temptation", with its quote from Oscar Wilde, got me thinking about how difficult it can be to break free from the things that tempt us in life- no matter how unhealthy those temptations can be. A similar case of affairs exists around black holes- escaping them is impossible. The poem...
Inspired by Temptation
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Remembering to Breathe
"Choking on Consumption" got me thinking about breathing, about how important it is and about how troublesome life can become if it is affected negatively. It got me thinking about how, when we're afraid or anxious, making sure our breathing is regulated as effectively as possible can...
Inspired by Choking on...
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Shadow Self
In response to "Creative Thoughts" and its consideration our "personal relationships with the self", the poem "Shadow Self" addresses our struggles with self-doubt and self-loathing. If we can find love, with each other and with ourselves, the dark voices of doubt will...
Inspired by Creative...
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Flow of the Tide
I enjoyed the piece "Nothing is Permanent", created in response to my poem "Joy After Rain". I liked its emphasis on how things change. This made me think of the process of inspiration: how ideas come and go without warning, and how they must be cherished before they fade away,...
Inspired by "Nothing...
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Gateway to the Beyond
The gate which is central to "The old allotments dance", and its transformation into a beautiful piece of artwork, got me thinking about gates and what they mean to me. I realised that the gates that are probably at their most inspiring are the ones that are rumoured to be waiting for us...
Inspired by The old...
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The Departure Of...
With the piece "Shattered", I was particularly inspired by the idea of illusions being broken. This made me think of the illusions we experience in childhood: that the world is this lovely place where nothing is wrong. The poem "The Departure of Childhood" addresses this...
Inspired by Shattered
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The Lost Sandwich
I liked the idea in "Passing By" that, as we journey through life, we leave parts of ourselves behind. This idea is at the centre of the short story "The Lost Sandwich", in which the central character's absent-mindedness has some rather problematic consequences.
Inspired by Passing By
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Calm Waters of Death
Inspired by the peaceful connotations of water in "Silence", the poem "Calm Waters of Death" addresses the darker side to this calmness of the waters- what would happen if we relax too much when beneath the surface? The consequences may be too dire to contemplate...
Inspired by Silence
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Trampled Lives
"Underfoot" prompts me to think of all the many and varied creatures that we, as humans, encounter in our lives- along with our reaction to them. The insects, the rodents, the so-called "pests"- we can't stand them, and we murder them. The poem "Trampled Lives"...
Inspired by Underfoot
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Gone But Not Forgotten
In the light of the recent Manchester Attacks, the poem "Gone But Not Forgotten" reflects on the souls who have been taken away by too early a death, and on the love for those souls felt by those of us who remain.
Inspired by The Manchester...
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Tortoise Inferno
"Figures in the Flames" got me thinking about fire, and about the destruction it can cause. This destruction caused by fire forms a prominent part in the story "Tortoise Inferno", where a man loses his home in a fire thanks to one woman and her beloved pet.
Inspired by figures in the...
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Nature's Sneeze
Inspired by "Pop a Fragrance", I've considered what particular smell stands out in my mind. That smell would have to be freshly cut grass- a smell I would enjoy a great deal if it didn't give me hay fever. The poem "Nature's Sneeze" deals with this smell and its ensuing effects.
Inspired by Pop a Fragrance
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Disappearing Dog
I was inspired by "Unfinished Fox". I liked the idea that the fox is partially visible and partially hidden. This same idea applies to the story "Disappearing Dog", in which the titular animal demonstrates just how talented it really is.
Inspired by Unfinished...
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Ticket to the Mountain
"Think Travel" inspired me to think of all the train journeys I have embarked upon, and how happy most of them have made me. Many of my train journeys have taken me through rural areas, and I have always found such a lovely sense calmness, along with excitement as to what lies at the end...
Inspired by Think Travel
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Drink Like a Fish
In response to Katie Borkin's "Bottle", I considered what most people do with a bottle. One of the most obvious answers is drink from it. "Drink Like a Fish" is the story of a man who has done just that, and it leads to a rather unfortunate set of circumstances.
Inspired by Bottle
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Inner Life
I was fascinated by the idea of "innate life force" portrayed in "Natural Marvel", along with its suggestion that beauty exists within each person. This inner beauty, as well as inner darkness, is addressed in the short poem "Inner Life", which expresses the duality of...
Inspired by The Natural...
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Elements Unite
I liked the idea in "Water Meets Land" of two different parts of nature joining together. This same idea is central to the short poem "Elements Unite". If two seemingly contrastive elements can join together, why can't humans do the same?
Inspired by Water Meets...
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Built to Last?
"Brick", to me, conveys a sense of stability and security. It represents a solid foundation on which we all attempt to build our lives. This got me thinking about how we all crave that sense of stability, but often struggle to find it. The poem "Built to Last?" addresses this...
Inspired by Brick
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Observer of a Thousand...
"Silk Road", with its focus on the trade route used for transporting various goods, inspired me to think of what sort of people travel down this road. What is it that they take with them? What if there was someone who took up permanent residence on the road who could help them on their...
Inspired by Silk Road
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Solitary Bliss
In response to the theme of "Tranquil", the poem "Solitary Bliss" addresses what it's like to have social anxiety- the anguish that can be felt in unfamiliar social situations, and the sense of freedom that can be found by escaping into your own mind.
Inspired by Tranquil
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In the Realms of Sleep
Inspired by "Deep inside the Sleep...", the poem "In the Realms of Sleep" considers what the mind undergoes while sleeping- the adventures, the struggles and the lack of permanence of both of these.
Inspired by Deep inside...
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Sorrowful Silence
"Sad Girl" portrays a deep sorrowfulness through body language. Words are not necessary to demonstrate how low someone feels. Hence the poem "Sorrowful Silence": the saddest people in life are often the quietest.
Inspired by Sad Girl
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The Sinister Deeds of...
I was intrigued by the idea at the centre of "To Hell and The Woman He Loved" involving volatile relationships. Sometimes things can take a turn for the worse in said relationships, causing a whole wave of problems to present themselves. Such problems are addressed in the short story,...
Inspired by To Hell And...
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Safe Place
"T42" by Sander Steins prompted in my mind some very calming, relaxing imagery. This is something I believe we all search for: a sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic world. The poem "Safe Place" explores this search for peace in the midst of the craziness of life.
Inspired by T42 (tea for...
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Flights of Fancy
In response to the theme of "Culture and Diversity", I have considered what it is like to travel. I have wondered what it is like to travel around in a unique manner, and the effect that such a different way of journeying around might have on the traveller. And thus I present the poem,...
Inspired by Culture and...
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Stolen Away
"Missing Girls" maintains a sense of sinister eeriness, with all the people (especially women) who are taken away and trafficked by society. The poem "Stolen Away" depicts this same sense of dark mystery with all the people around us that we barely notice, who are taken away to...
Inspired by Missing Girls
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Dance Your Way Through...
I liked the emotional quality depicted in "Dance". I was inspired to write about this same emotional quality involved in dancing in the short poem, "Dance Your Way Through Life".
Inspired by Dance
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The Greatest Adventure
I was interested in the idea proposed in "Chariot" of a child at play and all the imaginative prospects entailed therein. This very same idea I have written about in the short story "The Greatest Adventure", in which the protagonist Billy embarks on his most epic journey yet.
Inspired by Chariot
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A New Bird
"Division" uses the imagery of birds to highlight the balance between feeling cut off from others and wanting to be a part of something. I have used the same imagery of birds in the poem "A New Bird", in which a funky-looking bird joins the tree, and the other birds aren't sure...
Inspired by Division
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In The Mirror
I liked the idea in "Duality" of two people being in the same place. This idea inspired me to think about the mirrors, and of the nature of reflections. "In The Mirror" is a poem which examines reflections in from a rather grim, bleak perspective.
Inspired by Duality
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The Spark of Life
Inspired by the dynamic of suddenness and explosiveness in "Igniting the Mind", I have written the story "The Spark of Life" to address the equally explosive idea of returning the dead to life.
Inspired by Igniting The...
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Cooking Up A Surprise
I like the idea proposed in "Heart of the Home" of the kitchen being that very same thing- the heart of the home. In "Cooking Up A Surprise", I consider the unexpected things that can come about as a result of working in the kitchen.
Inspired by Heart of the...
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Joy After Rain
I loved the way the poem "Cloudy Sky" addressed sadness through the symbolism of weather. Inspired by this, I have done a similar thing in this poem, "Joy After Rain". There are storms in life, but there is sunshine, too.
Inspired by Cloudy Sky
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Gingerbread Feud
I was interested in the idea used in "Acting on Cruelty" of searching for forgiveness in an unforgiving world. This brutal tension I have addressed using a fierce spat between two gingerbread men.
Inspired by Acting On...
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Descent of the Animals
"Falling Skies" has a strong visual sense to it- images were created in my mind of the kind of things that may land from up in the air. Some bizarre ideas came to mind- like animals, for example. Addressed in the poem "Descent of the Animals" is this very same occurrence.
Inspired by Falling Skies
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Mystery of the Cocoon
"Metamorphosis" is a piece which inspires me to consider the animal kingdom and the changes they go through. What about new species? What if they go through a development cycle similar to species that we are already familiar with? "Mystery of the Cocoon" deals with the sense of...
Inspired by Metamorphosis
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Small Company
The imagery of "Third Person" inspires me to think of the unusual forms that the company we keep can take. The people around us, our friends, can be unconventional. The unexpected friendships that can spring up in life is what inspires this poem, "Small Company".
Inspired by Third Person
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Wedding Vows, Mutant Cows
I was very much intrigued by the contrastive idea of "soul mate or cell mate" in the piece "Soulmate". This idea of being torn between what appears to be love and the reality of deeply dodgy (and rather bizarre) deeds is addressed in the poem "Wedding Vows, Mutant...
Inspired by Soulmate
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The House of My Mind
"Lift the Sadness" inspires me to consider how low our spirits can become, and how we can attempt to raise them. In the poem "The House of My Mind", I address this dichotomy between sadness and happiness by using the mind (where such emotional earthquakes take place) as an...
Inspired by Lift the...
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Blank Pages
"Erased Moments" provokes in me thoughts of times in life which are lost to the faulty recesses of our fragile memories. I decided to write a poem, "Blank Pages", conveying this same sense of lost memory in terms of life being like a book, and the affected memories being pages...
Inspired by erased moments
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A Little Voice
"Someone Inside You" deals with the beauty and wonder of the inner life of each person. In "A Little Voice", that inner world is twisted into a far more sinister idea. What if something dark existed within us? What if it controlled our actions and caused us to speak and act in...
Inspired by Someone inside...
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Dove or Crow?
"Sadness: When Angels Weep" had an ethereal quality to it, implicit within the titular reference to angels and the sound present within the actual piece. The idea of angels weeping created in my mind a sense of both peace (angels) and misery (weeping). I addressed this same sense of...
Inspired by Sadness: When...
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Dead Forest, Dead Planet
"Toxic Trooper", both in title and image, conveys to me a sense of poison, along with all the negative, deadly connotations thereupon. It got me thinking: what if the effects of such a deadly poison were widespread enough to take on the entire world? What if this happened so quickly that...
Inspired by Toxic Trooper
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The Mark You Left
"Unfading" is a piece which deals with the way in which people "stay in our memory even after they are long gone." The poem "The Mark You Left" takes that idea of "unfading" to a far more literal, physical (and perhaps more embarrassing) level.
Inspired by Unfading
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Drifting Through Time
In "The Wanderer", the figure depicted appears to be on a journey- who knows where? The path ahead seems unfettered with limits. "Drifting Through Time" is a poem which conveys a similar sense of limitlessness when it comes to journeying through life- or, indeed, through space...
Inspired by The wanderer
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Trees, Dog, Neighbour,...
In response to the theme of Nightmare, I have considered in this short piece of fiction how even the most ordinary things of everyday life can be twisted into something nightmarish, and how the traumatic incidents of childhood can influence our current fears.
Inspired by Nightmare
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Data Clone
In response to the theme of Big Data Flow, I've thought of the immense wealth of personal data stored by so many people online. What can be done with all that data? What if it were used for bizarre, extreme purposes? This poem takes a look at this prospect.
Inspired by Big data flow
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Party Within, Lonely...
Desolation is a piece which highlights a sense of disappointment in life. I have addressed the same sense of sadness in this poem by focussing on a sense of loneliness, which leads to some rather grim results.
Inspired by Desolation
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Best Served Hot
Fire Burns Below conveys fire as a sign of danger. Best Served Hot uses the same imagery of fire to convey a sense of passion. We all have that fire in us- never, I say never, let it go out!
Inspired by Fire Burns...
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A Life You Don't See
Homeless depicts the sad sight of a man who has fallen on hard times. This poem could easily be about that man. This deals with the struggles that homeless people face, especially being ignored by other members of society.
Inspired by Homeless
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A Blank Page
Sub Conscious deals with "emptiness". Life can sometimes feel like this. A Blank Page talks about how we can combat our feelings of emptiness in life by filling our days with good deeds.
Inspired by Sub Conscious
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The End of the Forest...
Songs from the Wood depicts the "fantasy world" of a "quiet forest". There's so much mystery that can be incorporated into this. I thought I could address this mystery in The End of the Forest Trail, by discussing the surprises that can be encountered on a journey through the...
Inspired by Songs from the...
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The Signs Around Us
In response to the theme of "Signs", I've been thinking about the purpose that signs serve in our lives. This poem tells us that we should pay attention to what signs say to us, as they could help us to avoid a grim fate.
Inspired by Signs
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The Helium Balloon Takes...
Floating Feather represents the "ups and downs" of life through the image of the floating path of a feather. I decided to represent this same idea of how life can go up and down through the image of a helium balloon.
Inspired by Floating...
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After Death
The smoke in Ancestor's Fire represents the spirit which moves on to another place after the body dies. I enjoyed this idea of the spirit living after death. I was also interested in there being a sinister undertone to this life after death. After Death, therefore, deals with the guilt a murderer...
Inspired by Ancestor's fire
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The Heart-Based Wall
Rocks Before Time includes the rocks of a Cornwall beach. These rocks make me think of being blocked off from achieving our goals by physical obstacles in life (in this case, rocks), so I started to think of barriers which stand in our way in a metaphorical sense. This is what inspired The...
Inspired by Rocks before...
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Caught in a Spider's Web
When I saw the Frozen Web, I thought of what it must be like to be a fly stuck in that web, and the feeling of being trapped that the fly must feel. This poem deals with that feeling of being trapped we all feel at various points in life through being enclosed by circumstances, and how we can face...
Inspired by Frozen Web
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The Two-Season Man
"Media Extensions" deals with "Strangeness" and with "two different things". I am fascinated by this idea of binary opposites, which is where the opposite ideas of this poem springs from. A man is spotted wearing clothes for both winter and summer, which initially...
Inspired by Media...
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The Foe of Fear
A poem about facing fear and not being overcome by it. I was inspired by "Beneath the Surface", which has such lovely language. I hope to capture the same effect in my own work. What's so fascinating about "Beneath the Surface" is the idea of "concealed pain", which...
Inspired by Beneath the...
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Love Song of a Food...
This poem is all about love, and how love for someone can be conveyed through food-related imagery. I thought of how "Two Planets" combined two different realities, and of how I could combine the idea of love with food. I love the idea of there being two separate ideas which wouldn't...
Inspired by Two Planets
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The Power of Words
A poem examining the impact that words and silence can have, and how both should be used to have a positive impact on others. "Medis Informacija", which is derived from a tree surface, makes me consider nature, and how the beauty of nature can inspire people. I've decided to examine how...
Inspired by Medis...
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A What-If World of...
A poem about how different the world could be, and the absurd possibilities that could take place as a result, and how nothing should ever be taken for granted. I found "Atlas Mapping" to be so compelling, so solemn, that I hope to create something similar here. The briefness and...
Inspired by Atlas Mapping
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