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Oceanic Inspiration
This piece was chosen by the creator of Popmymind. I instructed Oliver to select a piece of art that moved him and so he chose 'Wind through the reeds'. This piece was sent to me without a title and I interpreted the piece as crashing waves which inspired this neutral Hawaiian design. As a...
Inspired by Wind through...
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In response to 'Water'. I feel such peace when I swim under the waves. A silence, like nothing else, is available under the water.
Inspired by Water
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In response to 'Sadness'. Too many people feel lonely throughout the year.
Inspired by Sadness
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His Child
This is a piece inspired by Anguish of the Masses by Larain Briggs. An incredibly touching image inspired this short piece of biofiction. He needs to exterminate the one jewel on the earth that can bring his empire down. Hitler has a child, and he needs to find her.
Inspired by Anguish of the...
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In response to the Paris attacks. Extremism has been hounding the middle east for centuries, why does it take an attack on white Europe for us to hear about it?
Inspired by Paris Attacks
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Someone I used to know
In response to a moment in time. This is a piece based on a very strange moment in time I had with someone I used to know.
Inspired by A Moment in...
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in response
Inspired by MotherShip
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A poem inspired by one of the most passion filled sunsets I have ever seen.
Inspired by vortex on fire
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