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Riccardo Matlakas

My name is Riccardo Attanasio in art Matlakas, I am an Italian artist who came to London in 2006 establishing my first studio/Atelier and at the same time operating with intervention for various event and residencies worldwide. I have been participating to Moscow Biennale, 2010, Gwangju Biennale, 2014 but also did a lot of work regarding the current issue of the refugee crisis, working closely with Palestinians and South Africans but also a lot my own, creating street interventions related to the issue. In many cased those interventions have been showed also in live art events. I am a performance artist who's work based in the responsibility as an artist towards all living species and the conscious development of how to be a full human being in order to live life properly. I also create platform for thinking and openly discuss the possibility of growth, where listening is the main activity. I am also a painter and mosaic artist and use these media to have conversation with myself which I then deliver it out when I perform or create platform for thinking.
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This photo of my performance connects with the theme of Identity, the search of who we really are and its journey
Inspired by DIGITAL SOUL
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Idem Quod
I decided to pop Idem quod as it connects with the descriprion of speaking Silence, the inner world itself already communicated in us all we need and the outer shell has to respond in a world of verbal communication. The inner child is on an eternal laughter
Inspired by Speaking...
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Two Soldiers in Love
War would cease if we would free up our minds and open to Love!
Inspired by Union
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The Meeting Point
The Meeting Point matlakas This painting represents the meeting between the man who lives in a society which destroys the elements and the man who lives surrounded by nature and defend it, this represents a unity of the two.
Inspired by The Spirit of...
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This painting shows an the development of the mind, from birth to mature growth. You can see birds stuck in barbed wire below, when they born, representing the constriction of Society and at the top of the experienced body, a headless open cage freeing the mind from our own thoughts and...
Inspired by Self
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The Day when all beings...
One day, all beings will be free from every stereotype imposed by society, where man and women will be equal, every race one race and every confine vanishes. The apollo in the middle is not male anymore and it represents richness and nourishment, which comes from true freedom, the freedom all human...
Inspired by Renaissance
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One More Arrow
The Figure of the MArtyr San Sebastian is revealed deeply, showing what on earth is topic of many that brings joy and suffering in many cases. Cupid in Fact is the one who was throwing arrows at him. Human Being, lives constantly with both the quality of uplifting and obstructing feelings, in this...
Inspired by Human
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The Meeting Point
This painting represents the meeting between the man who lives in a society which destroys the elements and the man who lives surrounded by nature and defend it, this represents a unity of the two.
Inspired by Plants and...
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Heimat Obstruction
Heimat Obstruction was performed as a durational piece in Berlin, 2011 and London 2017. On a daily basis we pass liminal places, without being in the moment, that moment where our minds are firm into what we are doing, the train keeps going, but there is some people that perhaps won't be allowed to...
Inspired by NFER
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Head inside out
Head inside out shows the desires of human being since childhood, this shows an ancient youth sculpture coming about nowadays with a new range of choices, a universe of things, a cosmic shelf of choices, a variety of colourful thoughts
Inspired by Cosmic
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Melting Borders
Melting Borders, melts borders and flag through Icecream walking, each icecream represent a specific flag, melting them together on the shirt. Creating a united-nation canvas.
Inspired by Tourists
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Amantes sunt Amentes...
Lovers are lunatic shows the connection between two human beings, who once together enter a specific madness that they only know about.
Inspired by SHREDDED
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Together we could
A group of children decides to build their own future, but the task is not so easy. Ultimately they decide to use their own body as the material to build it.
Inspired by Creativegrad
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This work is made with hand cut ceramic on wooden board, each fragment is made to create the overall work. It is connected to television and when there was no signal from the antenna.
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The Emigrant
The Emigrant is a painting about the need of all beings to emigrate, to explore, see other lands, other cultures, travelling is also learning and sometimes it harnesses a melancholic character.
Inspired by Think Travel
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The rain Dance
In rain dance, all people come together to celebrate the rain, a rain of enlightenment. People is finally able to feel nature, inside the elements. The marine send love to all others, changing his role in society. The rain dance is a cathartic image, which wants us to re-thing twice who we really...
Inspired by Healing
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