Bethany Walker
20 year old Graphic Design and Illustration student at the University of Suffolk, interested in highly detailed black ink imagery.
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The poem 'Remembering to Breathe' inspired me to create digital drawings based on breathing apparatus - all of the three masks help you to survive in dangerous conditions and even without a person wearing them are very 'human' looking, which was why I specifically researched and illustrated...
Inspired by Remembering to...
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Seeing Suffolk
Illustrations of things I saw around Ipswich's marina with a map of the routes beneath it.
Inspired by Think Travel
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70L Planes
A digitally drawn depiction of two aircrafts in the sky to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Martlesham Heath Airfield.
Inspired by Heroes
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A digitally drawn depiction of an aircraft in a sky that reads '100' to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Martlesham Heath Airfield.
Inspired by Heroes
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Growing Ideas
When challenged with the question "What is Popping?" I thought of ideas growing like leaves from other peoples work, eventually becoming one big work of art.
Inspired by What is Popping?
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Eight Waves
Sketches for an ocean themed website, specifically looking at how an octopus can be a part of viewing and navigation.
Inspired by New Wave
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Fight for Flight
A dance in the air
Inspired by RUN
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Eye Piece
Imagery through the eye
Inspired by Fatima
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Initially I began to draw flowers - since the red of 'Ignite' reminded me of a poppy field - but I quickly turned to the idea of a peacock (I wonder where that idea came from!) since I had never drawn one before and was interested to find out what would come of it.
Inspired by Ignite
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Floral Sketches
Using the natural world around me I created different studies of flowers, fruit and textures in my own style.
Inspired by Earth
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I was inspired by how busy the image was, without overwhelming the piece. I tried to recreate the busy appearance in my own style - with the theme of electricity.
Inspired by Data Streams
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Owl Eyes
Inspired by the striking eyes of the wolf in 'It's in the Eyes', I attempted to rediscover that emotion through an entirely different creatures eyes.
Inspired by It's in the Eyes
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