Edem Tomtania
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Prelude to War
A track in response to the seeded theme 'Fear'.
Inspired by Fear
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Electronic Goldrush
My interpretation of data diversity and its complexity.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Whisper This
A drum beat mashup with 3 parts of a track or chop and pick your genre!
Inspired by Chinese...
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The prefect soundtrack to a revolutiom
Inspired by Revolution
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Sadness: When Angels Weep
Inspired by the sad girl 3D print by Jordan Connor, this piece is emotionally charged! I could not seem to get out of the head the thought of what it's like or it would be or sound like when angels weep. here is my attempt to recreate that.
Inspired by Sad Girl 3D...
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Love themed Trance like Dubstep response to the Love piece by katie Borkin
Inspired by Love I
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Train ride gone wrong coincides with a school day gone horribly wrong one fateful morning in Thriveville, World. Enjoy the surprise
Inspired by Surprise
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