adrian manning
visual imagery created with photo film, online navigation tools, focus shift, instinctual abstraction and constant experimentation.
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the internet
data model of the entire internet - a mesh of all connected major and minor routing points, processed and rendered through a visualiser then further post-processed to perhaps mimic the hot early universe.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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ornamental skeletal forest
Inspired by Into the...
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significance of temporary
surreal, self-described, almost blank non-sign sign and as it suggests, no longer present.
Inspired by Signs
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hallucinogenic crop
snapshot snapshot.
Inspired by Abandoned...
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inspired by fire, derived from a seat, this is heat.
Inspired by Fire
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rather like an inkjet jam, one occasionally encounters an unexpected hiccup when engaging in virtual travel through japan's forbidden zone. sometimes glitch becomes subject, and subject becomes architecture.
Inspired by Paper jam
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