Rachel Twelftree
I am an fine line drawer. My art work is in the form of Illustration. Drawing in the style dot work other known as pointillism. The details in my drawings are all made from a small dots using these dots I create different shades. With this style I am hoping to become a Tattoo Artists.
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Circle, line, circles
Drawing with 0.4 fine line pen, paper & iPhone camera taped to a shoe box as a stand
Inspired by What Can You...
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Traditional flash, Ignite
The light from a candle ignites us to see when where lost, the sent of a flower ignites memories long forgotten, The touch of an object ignites feelings we've felt & words of a letter ignite a conversation that connected us. With this work I used a medium I don't normally use in a style of a...
Inspired by Ignite
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Unfinished Fox.
This drawing was inspired by a drawing I drew for a friend, when I draw something symetrical I normally draw one half & create the other half, once I created the half I really liked it & thought it looked beautiful half made. So once I finished the original I re created this one.
Inspired by Unfinished
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Black Hole.
The Universe is seen as a fearful place, not knowing much about it to grasp a full understanding. The Black Hole being one of the most feared parts of the universe, the fact that the Black Hole can suck anything in and crush it beyond existence whilst there is nothing we can do to prevent this is...
Inspired by Fear
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