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Start Popping to a new opportunity from Niji Magazine! Get featured on their online arts magazine and showcased to their thousands of followers, like former winners Lindsay Elise Jolly, Frederic Belaubre and Katie Borkin! Simply Pop one of the winning artworks from the last challenge: - Ignite...
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Pop 'Ignite the Mind' by...
Niji Magazine wants to feature more Pop My Mind creatives on their site! Respond to the winning piece ‘Igniting the Mind’ by Lindsay Elise Jolly by the 14th October 2016 to have a chance of being featured on their online magazine. Niji Magazine is dedicated to supporting and showcasing...
Inspired by The Pop
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Niji Magazine challenges you to make an exciting creative response to this theme before the 5th September 2016. The winner of this theme will have their work publicised in the online arts magazine, giving you valuable exposure to Niji’s thousands of followers! Niji Magazine is dedicated to...
Inspired by The Pop
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