Val Bright-Jones
Recently gained an MA at UOS Ipswich. Research into drawing has led me to paint Superfluous detail is omitted leaving raw response to things seen. Now teaching a long-established adult group and delivering art workshops. Anticipating the next development is exciting. Delighted to have been shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition.
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A long time ago
A painting which almost painted itself. A random splash of red on a dark background conjured up buried feelings and memories of a moment in time. I'd like the viewer to put their own interpretaions onto the image.
Inspired by A Moment in...
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Time changes things
A mixture of the dramatic landscape of Bradgate Park and memories of the last time I was there50 years ago!Some happy, some painful but interesting to think of so many generations of visitors to whom this place means different things. It's very beautiful and will continue to inspire people forever...
Inspired by Unfinished
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The Birth of Aphrodite
My version of the Botticelli painting after an inspirational visit to Cyprus where the myth began.
Inspired by Water
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Rocks before time
Abstract painting of rocks on a beach in Cornwall
Inspired by Water
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Swimmer 4
One of a series exploring the relationship of drawing to painting. Water and swimming are themes I've frequently used but am currently thinking about how I use drawing to construct paintings. I'm coming to some surprising conclusions. To simply 'draw out' the image from my mind without direct...
Inspired by Water
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