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Guitar Layers #1
The First part was lost as Ableton crashed, here's what was salvaged
Inspired by Phases of the...
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A quick track made in an hour. No samples, all honest home grown synthesizers.
Inspired by 1 Hour...
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Nasa feat. Richard Nixon
Inspired but the atmosphere of Jacob's track I attempted to make a song that sounded like space
Inspired by Drone...
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The Fear
An atmospheric track created in ableton
Inspired by Fear
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made with a sample with some original stuff on top
Inspired by Auditory...
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Brit Lib
made with a sample
Inspired by Auditory...
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Game Over...Continue?
I'm also a big fan of Nujabes and hearing you're sampling of him inspired me to have a go at doing something influenced by him, to me that's the combination of analogue instruments like piano and electronic sounds. The only sample I used was a voice clip from Super Mario 64
Inspired by Seba Jun (A...
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Metal to me is technology it's cold and inorganic so this track was me trying to use the computer to make a rhythm that can only be done by a computer. I put multiple arpeggiators on to the instruments, which repeat the note played, then I set them to different intervals 1/12, 1/16 ect this...
Inspired by Metal
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Start your day Right!
I was inspired by Britten: young person's guide to the orchestra where they break down an Orchestral piece and the harp section reminded me of video game music, so I decided to sample it and made a fun track
Inspired by Joy
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Forest Improv
I was trying to make my guitar sound like a swarm of bees and then jammed on the atmosphere created
Inspired by Into the...
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Remmurd Yknuf
I was trying to take something formless and find music in it, I took a famous sample and manipulated it till it was unrecognizable, then listened to it and found rhythms and patterns in it (listen with head phones)
Inspired by under vital...
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