Karis Viola Lambert
I am a visual artist / illustrator from Yorkshire, and also the Marketing and Communication Manager of Pop My Mind! I graduated from Lancaster University in BA Hons Fine Art in 2015 and have since been painting, drawing and making comics in my free time.

I like to dabble in different media, but specialise in ink painting. Ideas I explore in my work include the concept of beauty, thought processes and sense of self.

I am also part of Big Brown Eyes - a comic and illustration collective founded by myself and my two sisters.

I use Pop my Mind as an artist to find inspiration from other creative people and try out new ideas and techniques, such as video.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as @karisviola
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Window Art
This is a window art piece I created for the Travelling Man comic shop in Manchester. When they asked me to create it in the run-up to Small Press Day, I thought the opportunity would fit nicely in with Scale It Up as well, since I was trying something completely new and on a much larger scale than...
Inspired by SCALE IT UP
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Communication Barriers
I was searching for something to draw around the theme 'Barriers' to submit to a book of comics I'm making as part of the Big Brown Eyes collective. Finally I saw Sam Spicer's piece 'Human Confusion' which explores the flawed and confusing ways people communicate to one another, and it completely...
Inspired by Human Confusion
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Another experiment at manipulating portraiture, which took me blooming ages to paint! I was inspired by Jesse Bellon's incredible piece, as well as glitch art in general. I used Hannah E Ward's two pieces 'Memory' and 'Thoughts of You' for reference material. I'm happy for this to be interpreted...
Inspired by ||||||||||
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Hibiscus Butterfly
In this piece reacting to the flavours of One’s organic hibiscus, raspberry and mint water, I wanted to capture the origin of its key ingredient. The butterfly shape is a Charaxes amandae – a rare species of butterfly in the family Nymphalidae, which is only found in Sudan. I...
Inspired by One Drinks...
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Rooibos Butterfly
In my artwork reacting to the flavours of One’s rooibos, grapefruit and ginger water, I wanted to capture the origin of its key ingredient. The shape of this design is based on the Papilio euphranor butterfly, also known as the Forest Swallowtail or Bush Kite, which is a rare species of...
Inspired by One Drinks...
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Figure in Motion
A raw, unedited photograph I took using long exposure during the Watch Dance Class workshop. I wanted to captureone whole movement of the dancer's body, and how fluid and graceful it looked. I took loads of photos during the workshop, but this was my favourite piece because the dancer is all...
Inspired by Watch Dance...
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Save the Bzzz
A digital collage featuring honey bees and British wildflowers, inspired by Just Bee giving away free packs of wildflowers to help save the bees! I tried to make the image as full as possible so that it could be used as the background of text, as shown in the example. I used the challenge as a...
Inspired by Save the Bees...
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Tar and Sand
This is a video experiment using my old digital camera. I saw Marcus Young's video a while ago and it gave me the idea to create a video which also explored the minute worlds of macro. I love how he focused on the texture of his subject in such detail that it lost all context and became almost...
Inspired by Bubble...
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Shooting Hoops
A quick video showing what you can do in three minutes - i.e. learn to be masters at basketball, obviously! A fun collaboration one afternoon between the PMM team (Oliver Squirrell, Laurel Berry and me)!
Inspired by What Can You...
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Those Moments | Final...
My final image in response to Brad Crawford's written piece '3 Minute Snooze'. I was really inspired by his piece and wanted to write it out in calligraphy. I also made a video of the process (which is the fun bit) here: I wrote his quote using traditional...
Inspired by 3 minute snooze
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Those Moments | Video of...
I loved Brad Crawford's short written piece '3 Minute Snooze' in response to 'What Can You Do in 3 Minutes?' so I wrote it out in simple calligraphy. In keeping with the original brief, I documented the process and edited it into a 3 minute video. I find writing calligraphy very soothing and...
Inspired by 3 minute snooze
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Abstract Portrait...
A video to show what went on behind our 3 minute abstract portrait photo-shoot, which was a collaboration between Michelle Bowden, Carlos Fernandes and I. The images overlaid are what we created during the photoshoot, which were captured using a 3 second shutter speed while me and Carlos were...
Inspired by What Can You...
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White Space | A...
Collaborative piece with Michelle Bowden. This was a visual experiment in acrylic, watercolour pencils and pastel. Michelle and I made four pieces together in under three minutes each in response to the Three Minute Challenge by Simba Sleep. This image is made out of the back of those pieces,...
Inspired by What Can You...
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Blue Forest | A...
Collaborative piece with Michelle Bowden. This was a visual experiment in acrylic, watercolour pencils and pastel. Michelle and I made this together in under three minutes in response to the Three Minute Challenge by Simba Sleep. Lots of fun!
Inspired by What Can You...
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Empty Tension
I was inspired by Alvaro's piece and how he interpreted being trapped in your own thoughts. It made me think about how I could represent mood disorders using visual imagery. This piece is intended to represent how anxiety can distort someone's personality, and how it can cause the formation of...
Inspired by Empty spaces
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Mary Jones' portrait inspired me to superimpose two photographs from a photo-shoot I did to create a double exposure effect. I may use this to base a painting from in the future.
Inspired by Unfading
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My response to 'What Are You About?' by Pop My Mind Norwich - a portrait of my hand in ink and acrylic. This is my first time combining ink painting with other media, I quite liked the effect so am now thinking of more ways I can break out a bit.
Inspired by What Are You...
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I was inspired by Rebecca Freeman's work to try using more colour, and by the natural subjects she depicts in her watercolours. I couldn't quite grasp using watercolour, so I used ink and acrylic for the lowlights and highlights over the top - still learning! To me, butterflies are the symbol for...
Inspired by Woodland Tea
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I made this piece in response to the footage from Disappearing Acts, and created some of it live during the Motion Exhibition opening night To me, this painting represents the cycle of isolation and loneliness and how they both lead on from one another. I called the piece 'Waning' because the...
Inspired by Disappearing...
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Corner - Contact
This is a rough website template design of a generic contact page. See Corner - Homepage for more info.
Inspired by Edge
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Corner - Blog
This is a rough website template design of a blog page. The grey boxes with blog titles are supposed to take you to the most recent articles, and the white text in the background would be text from a chosen article. See Corner - Homepage for more info.
Inspired by Edge
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Corner - Work
This is a rough website template design of a generic page showing work or projects. See Corner - Homepage for more info.
Inspired by Edge
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Corner - Homepage
I was inspired by the theme Edge to make a rough website template with lots of diagonal lines and strange angles. Since I was struggling, in the end I designed this in the style of my business cards and tried to include all of the pages and functionality that I would want from a website.
Inspired by Edge
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I was inspired by the stunning visuals of Leviathan as well as Jason Nunn, who made his watery Self Portrait with meticulous detail and skill. In this painting I wanted to use the movement of water to express the feeling of joy. The basis of the image was a photograph I took of a friend, and it...
Inspired by Leviathan
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Made in response to Data Goldmine. Space inside the hands is supposed to represent the enormity and incomprehensibility of data and the cupped hands are the containment of it. They are supposed to show how the data is made into a manageable outcome which is also precious (like water).
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Little Dodnash Farm
The view from the barn at Little Dodnash Farm which I drew during the First Birthday Exhibition.
Inspired by Pop My Mind's...
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Bark Texture
Originally an abstract ink study which I digitally manipulated until it became unrecognizable to the original image. I was trying to make a texture similar to that of Medis Informacija by Emily Godden and emulate the pattern of wood.
Inspired by Medis...
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Experiments with colouring pencil. For this piece I was thinking about the language of revolution and how propaganda often appears before an uprising and acts as a symbol of social unrest.
Inspired by Revolution
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The theme of healing got me thinking about emotional healing and development, and whether it has a relationship with physical healing or not. This drawing came out of that thought process.
Inspired by Healing
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