HI, I'm an aspiring singer/song writer and also enjoy recording and producing my songs using garage-band.
I still have a lot to learn, but the creative rush pushes me onward. I like to write songs about my own life's journey as well as the human condition. Most of my material, has a spiritual thread woven into it's fabric, reflecting my beliefs.
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I'm Fragile
Can you take me, far away Somewhere, where there is no pain Where we can fly, above the trees And float upon, a summer breeze Cause I don't think, you realize The sadness that I feel, inside I'm fragile, and I need you by my side Oh ya, I'm fragile, and I need you by my side, everyday Sometimes I...
Inspired by Fragile Tower...
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Children Of The Light
Out of the darkness, through the night Come the children of the light Indigos and Crystalline Come to help us shift our paradigm Born with insight, to heal the earth Stimulating the seeds of rebirth Opening doors so we can see How to live with integrity, integrity Shaking beliefs and trying to...
Inspired by New Beginnings
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No One Looking Back
This is a song about mental illness, in particular, schizophrenia. About feeling like you don't know who you are, and nobody really sees you. You can't even see yourself in a mirror. You come to a point where you decide to jump off a bridge and end it all, because the pain is too much.
Inspired by Speaking...
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The Peacemaker
'The Peacemaker' is a song about healing and remembering our source. I believe that the time has come for humanity to awaken to the truth. What on earth will it take to stop the suffering and destruction of ourselves and our planet? The veil of illusion is beginning to lift. We are not separate...
Inspired by Healing
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I Don't Fit In!
I can't watch the news, because all the violence in the world makes me feel sick, but I don't want to bury my head in the sand either. I just don't understand why people want to hurt one-another. Sometimes, I feel like I don't fit in or belong on this planet. But I also know, that there is a...
Inspired by Paris Attacks
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Edge of a Dream
Like a snowflake, free-falling to earth Floating gently, where no sound can be heard And down below like diamonds in the night Lie the others, in soft blankets of white Standing on the edge of a dream Where nothing is quite what it seems And are those our children, shooting guns over there And...
Inspired by Two Planets
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In the Name of God!
This piece was inspired by 'Fear Itself'! The fear that listening to the news invokes, because of the horrific violence going in the world today, in the name of God! And the fact that these atrocities have gone on throughout history, and in all religions, is even more horrific.
Inspired by FEAR ITSELF!
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After listening to the news, this piece was inspired by my own conception and fear, of what's going on in the world today. There seems to be so many things going wrong, and on every level.
Inspired by Fear
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