Sarah Pooley

Sarah Pooley is a fine art Graduate based in St.ives near Cambridge. Sarah's work focuses on paintings which can be seen as a study of artificial simulations through the exploration of social spaces and their use of industrialised technology.

The creation of consumerist social space deliberately aims to manipulate experience and affect visitors through the use of architecture, elaborate interior design and artificial lighting; technology is increasingly present within these social spaces. Sarah's work depicts this as a simulation of an experience and socialisation.
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Light Droplet
This painting is inspired by the work of Dulcie Wagstaff. The main attraction to Wagstaff's work was the amazing sense of light. I feel as if the joy Wagstaff encounters in her gardening filters not only through the plants but through the light also. The images in Wagstaff's series are sensitively...
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Potato Flower Bee
The potato flower has been used to highlight the save the bees campaign using watercolour on paper. The process continued by using photography and photoshop to complete the digitally collaged image.
Inspired by Save the Bees...
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The question i always ask myself is, do i need more fluidity in my work?.... These words literally kept me awake after completing this watercolour pre study sketch. "The 'Windows' of fluidity are what give the line its balance. The line is perfection, but perfection is not enough.... The...
Inspired by Curiosity
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This photograph is the inspiration for the previous pop 'Colourful Tropics' . The image was captured from a live show in Mexico conveying their lush and vibrant culture.
Inspired by Tropical
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Colourful Tropics
I wanted the piece to show the bright colourful world of the sea bed with a playfulness conveyed through the materials and brushstrokes used. This work was based upon the Pop called Mexitropicolour
Inspired by Tropical
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Cenote Xcanche
This video was taken whilst i was traveling to Xcaret Mexico. Travel is at the forefront of my practice, i try to squeeze everything from the images and videos i collect. Cenotes are frequent under the landscape across the Yucatan peninsular. Cenotes are considered to be very sacred to the Mayan...
Inspired by Think Travel
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Fairground Makeup
I couldn't resist the challenge to pop using a product. Using an everyday product such as makeup on this study highlights the artificial qualities of both the product and the image subject.
Inspired by Pop a Product
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Fairground study
This 10 minute challenge was a good exercise. A study for a larger oil painting intended for a series of 11.
Inspired by 10 Minute...
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Colour Opulences
With this piece i tried to convey a feeling of opulence with light and colour.
Inspired by Opulent
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The Walkway
As part of my practise i continually collect images to work from. This piece is a step in the transitional process of my collective thinking. The photograph should be viewed at least A0 size in the gallery environment so the viewer would feel an immersive effect.
Inspired by Transition
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Dance amongst the shadows
It is mentioned on the video how happy personal memories are changed from a figurative memory to a physical dance. In this painting happiness is the thought of dancing amongst the colour and geometric forms.
Inspired by The Happiness...
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Cultural Station
A magazine found on a London bound train leads to thoughts of city architecture new and old, advertisements on tube station walls in a city rich with culture.
Inspired by Found Objects
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Red Flare
The theme of ignite led me to think of a jumble or a burst of artificial lighting that resembles fireworks. This photograph represents a 'Red Flare'
Inspired by Ignite
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Lighting Moves
This painting was inspired by The Wrong Moves performance and the fantastic photography taken on the evening of PMM's Birthday exhibition.
Inspired by Pop My Mind's...
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Data Highway
Data along with digital information and technology is increasingly present in our daily lives, its as if new architectural buildings pulse with modern electrical highways.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Inside the forest of...
My work is based on architecture and interior design of social spaces. This photograph was inspired by the increasing need for technology and artificial environments.
Inspired by Into the...
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