Isaac Dinnery
Computer Games Art student at Anglia Ruskin.
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Everyone sees a formation as one whole but, does anyone ever wonder about what are they made of?
Inspired by Formation
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Maqui Sharpshooter...
My idea was to remake the so-called “maquis” – Spanish guerrilla fighters who hid in the mountain regions of the Peninsula that gave Francisco Franco’s troops a hard time when they had to cross those areas, even way after the war ended in a victory for the Nationalists until...
Inspired by Anger
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Remember Paris
The attacks on Charlie Hebdo by the beggining of this past 2015 were well gutting, all the western civilization was shaken by the fact that at any point, someone who would call themselves ‘Religious Fanatics’ could go into the middle of a cosmopolitan city -therefore deemed secure- and...
Inspired by Paris Attacks
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