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Giant Ash Floor Lamp
This one of a kind solid ash floor lamp is pushing the boundaries of what I normally do. This supersized floor lamp is handcrafted to look as natural a possible bringing a touch of nature into your home.
Inspired by FOREST in17
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'Herringbone' - Wooden...
This is the completed piece inspired by the my previous bohemian style artwork. This herringbone pattern draws the eye to its center where all lines meet.
Inspired by Wooden Wall Art...
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Wooden Wall Art...
Third version of the wall hanging set, but with the addition of black & white contrasted paint. A work in progress but nearly there!
Inspired by Bohemian Style...
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Bohemian Style Wooden...
Bohemian Style Wooden Wall Hanging
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Oak Floor Lamp
Mixing up using a different type of wood, much hard to work with hardwoods such the oak used here. Taking it to the extreme in size, standing 1300mm tall. Beautiful curved profile & grain being brought out by the epoxy resin & wood stain.
Inspired by Natural Light
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Over the top, beautiful bright gold beams of light radiating into the room.
Inspired by Opulent
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Cold Fire
A new design of precisely carving wood to project abstract beams of light from within, producing an euphoric abstract flame pattern.
Inspired by Someone inside you
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