i am a professional artist and illustrator and i am very passionate about interdisciplinary work. i work on projects that link fine art, music, dance and poetry. i have a MA by research in Fine art and specialized in Japanese art and crafts.
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calming the mind
this piece is inspired by a tonality of green i love. i feel very taken by green lately and having studied color therapy i often refer to the symbolism of color in my work. green tones and calms the mind, body and spirit. i hope you will inspired to relax and connect with yourself and nature!
Inspired by Green
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while looking at Monique's work i felt the urge to express movement through only few strokes and emphasized by the negative effect . i felt inspired to pop this to show this strong feeling inspired by her wonderful photo
Inspired by On foot
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I have been inspired by Lindsay's work and the effect of colors and light. I felt the need to create something following this feeling using my instinctive strokes to reflect on new beginnings!
Inspired by Fusion
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double bill 2
again i wanted to create a very personal interpretation of the performance using gestural strokes to reflect on my feelings and emotions. abstraction is in this case my main form of expression
Inspired by double bill
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double bill
i started looking at the lines in the dance and then listened to the music. i did use my instinctive gesture expressed by colours and lines to reflect on the feelings and emotions of the performance in a very personal way
Inspired by Double Bill
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beauty of the beast
instinctive response to the music and dance in the attempt to represent a feeling by lines and gesture guided by my hand in a completely free style
Inspired by Beauty of the...
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run freely
the aim is to create an instinctive response by listening to the music and watching the video letting go on any specific mental attachment and only concentrate on the way my hand was moving through the feeling the performance was giving me.
Inspired by RUN
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