JM creates works that are inspired by his surroundings and passions against injustice, often raising questions about morality and identity. JM draws inspiration from artists such as Jenny Holzer, Alfredo Jaar and Lorna Simpson, with work that usually is explored through the mediums of moving image and screen printing.
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by JM
Vxgxx, a piece inspired by Ryan Walker's Breach, looks into the shiny gloss covered filter we apply on the fashion industry, whilst behind the scenes people are treated more like commodities than humans.
Inspired by Breach
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She's just a glitch
by JM
After watching and experiencing the work titled Pageantry by Haze I felt inspired to use moving image to create a work that would explore a similar but perhaps more contemporary angle of the subject matter. Using a glitching effect i was able to disrupt and distort an otherwise still and peaceful...
Inspired by Pageantry
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