Hanin Eisa
Student at Anglia Ruskin University and Creator of weekly webcomic "My Roommate is a Murderer!!"
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DiamonD: To Shine and to...
"DiamonD here to Shine and Ignite your Heart!" What I liked the most about your piece, "Ignite the Mind: Sense the Sounds" were the colours. It created a pleasant and pleasing colour pallete and it was clear where I was supposed to focus at. I originally was going to draw a...
Inspired by Ignite The...
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Dragon's Heir -...
The Model to the Concept Art!
Inspired by The Dragon's...
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The Dragon's Heir
I decided to go for Anger on this piece because I was in the mood for a fierce character like Nightmare from Soul Calibur or one of the characters of Dark Souls/Bloodborne. Anger doesn't necessarily limit to Rage/Wrath, rather it's a category of emotions with emotions such as Scorn, Suffering and...
Inspired by Anger
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